Next time you’re craving a yummy brunch, be sure to give this cozy cafe a try. 

Recently, a group of friends and I went to a cafe called Blu Jam Cafe, an American-European cafe in Los Angeles off of Wilshire Boulevard. Blu Jam Cafe was packed when I went there,and the atmosphere was loud, buzzing with conversation and clanking silverware. The cafe was quite huge inside, and was very spacious compared to your average Broken Yolk, for example.

For a spacious area, however, Blu Jam Cafe’s atmosphere was lively. The cafe was also decorated with a modern and rustic theme. 

The prices of the food were reasonable — not cheap nor too expensive. For example, the Brunch Carbonara and the Florentine Benedict both cost $17.95.  If you want something more affordable, you could also get the Caramelized Apple Crepes for $14.95. 

I ordered the Shakshuka bowl for $16.95. The bowl was flavorful, had fresh ingredients and came with braised tomatoes, red bell peppers, poached eggs and sourdough toast on the side. The Shakshuka bowl also had onions, garlic and feta cheese that was sprinkled throughout the bowl.

The Shakshuka bowl was a generous portion of the braised tomatoes making it worth the sixteen dollars, especially if you want a lighter option. 

My friend ordered the Crunchy French Toast, the most popular item at the restaurant, which I tried. The plate was sweet and crunchy. 

For $16, the plate came with six pieces of french toast. The brioche bread was dipped in their secret batter. It was rolled in crunchy cornflakes and grilled. The french toast was topped with fresh berries, served with powdered sugar and vanilla bean sauce.

Overall, the restaurant serves generous portion sizes that can easily be shared or taken home as leftovers. Also, the menu has a variety of different dishes to choose from, such as chilaquilescaramelized apple crepes and a selection of gourmet coffee beverages.

Blu Jam Cafe also has several breakfast items, such as Brunch Carbonara, which includes arborio rice, bacon, poached eggs, mozzarella cheese and herb pistou. Another entree served there is called Steak Hash, which consists of grilled potatoes, chopped grilled beef tenderloin, poached eggs, mushrooms, herb hollandaise and toast. 

Blu Jam Cafe also offers catering for reasonable prices. The breakfast pasta is $80 for the small platter that feeds six people. The breakfast burrito is $80 for fourteen burritos. The customer service at the restaurant was attentive and the staff was friendly. Our waiter frequently asked us if he could get us anything.  

I recommend students try this spot for the tasty, breakfast items and buzzing atmosphere. Blu Jam Cafe has several locations, which are in Downtown LA, Melrose and Woodland Hills. Overall, Blu Jam Cafe has flavorful food, attentive service and reasonable prices. If you are near a Blu Jam Cafe, check it out and try the variety of food and beverages they have to offer.