Alyssa Burlingame

Editor-in-Chief - ZU Magazine

Alyssa is a senior double major in journalism and political science at APU. She is a former editorial intern for the Center for Public Justice in Washington D.C., and a current editorial intern for the Office of University Relations at APU. She enjoys writing, journaling, iced coffee, and being with family and friends.

Micaela Ricaforte

News Editor - ZU News

Micaela is a junior double majoring in journalism and honors humanities. In addition to writing, she is passionate about storytelling through photography and design.


Nathan Foster

Editor-in-Chief - ZU News

Nate is a dual major in sports journalism and public relations, with a minor in honors humanities. He is originally from Reno, Nevada, where most of his family still lives. Nate loves talking about all kinds of sports and cars. He aspires to work for Motor Trend or Bleacher Report one day. If you have any questions about a story or are interested in having an article written, please feel free to contact Nate at


Michael A.

Producer - ZU TV

Michael A is a young 25 year old innovative mind that loves films, politics, Star Wars, and Christ. He is the host of his own Youtube Channel, The Official Black Mic, with 20k subscribers as an independent journalist. You can find more of Michaels work here:

Jonah Minnihan

Opinion Editor - ZU News

Jonah is a junior journalism major and hopes to be a music journalist someday. He is from Sycamore, IL and thinks that the Midwest is the best place on earth. He likes going to concerts, hiking, and drinking good coffee.


Anna Savchenko

Lifestyle Editor - ZU News

Anna is a junior journalism major and English minor. In addition to writing, she is a member of APU's women's tennis team.

Brendan Fretwell

Assistant Sports & Opinion Editor

Brendan is a sophomore sports journalism major with a minor in communications studies. Beyond writing for ZUMedia, he is also lead contributor for's NHL division and is the world's biggest Anaheim Ducks fan.

Cole Brouwer

Sports Editor - ZU News

Cole is a Sophomore at APU, majoring in journalism and minoring in public relations. He is an avid sports fan, and his favorite teams are the San Jose Earthquakes, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Chargers. Don't worry, he is aware that none of those teams have any connection whatsoever. Although he was born and raised in the country, he cannot stand country music, and much prefers hard rock music. With a dry sense of humor and firmly-held opinions that have little to no factual foundation, he is always ready for a heated debate about almost anything in the world of sports.


Ruby McAuliffe

Copy Editor - ZU News

Ruby McAuliffe is a sophomore journalism major and public relations minor at APU. She enjoys playing the guitar, going to concerts and traveling. Ruby hopes to live in New York City one day because of its fast-paced, inspiring atmosphere.


Sterling Bennett

GM/Sports Director - ZU Radio

Major: Sports Journalism Year: Senior Home: NorCal (Pittsburg, California) Radio: Host of BushLeagueSports radio on ZU Radio (follow on Instagram and Facebook at @BushLeagueSports, Twitter @ BLS_sports) Favorite Sports Teams: SF Giants/49ers and Chicago Bulls

Charissa Enns

Copy Editor - ZU Magazine

Bio coming soon...

Candelario Plascencia

Asst GM - ZU Radio

Bio coming soon...

Michaela Steiner

Managing Editor - ZU Magazine

Michaela is a junior global studies major pursuing a minor in journalism at APU. Born in sunny San Diego, she hopes to travel as much as possible to learn the stories of all the encounters. She is passionate about people and hopes to find a way to one day bridge ministry and writing to amplify the voices of those less often heard.