Jasmine Campos

Editor-in-Chief - ZU News

Jasmine is a junior triple major in Political Science, Journalism, and Honors Humanities at Azusa Pacific University. Originally from Torrance, California, Jasmine aspires to use her political knowledge and background in journalism to continue to provide insight into differing points of view in our divisive political climate. Any time she gets a free moment you can find her catching up on the latest political news or binge watching Friends or anything on Disney+.


Brandon Gonzales

Editor-in-Chief - ZU Magazine

Brandon Gonzales is a senior studying journalism, biblical studies and theology. He is the author of "Galatians: A Practical Guide for Bible Study," and enjoys writing, creating music and three-hour-long, theological discussions.


Candice Evans

Assistant Sports Editor - ZU News

Kane Casillas

Opinion Editor - ZU News

Kane Casillas is an aspiring Journalist who has been a part of ZU Media for almost a year. He has been a Disc Jockey at Kauai's FM97 Radio for three summers and is a Journalism and Honors Humanities major at Azusa Pacific University. On top of his journalistic endeavors, Kane is a creative writer, winning multiple high school awards in the state of Hawaii for Short Stories, Poetry, and Playwriting. He also has published three anthologies with his high school, in which he was Editor In Chief.