Nathan Foster

Editor-in-Chief - ZU News

Nate is a senior double major in sports journalism and public relations. He is from Reno, Nevada. After graduation, Nate aspires to use his passion for creative storytelling to write investigative and longform journalistic stories.


Micaela Ricaforte

Editor-in-Chief - ZU Magazine

Micaela is a senior journalism major and honors humanities minor. In addition to writing, she is passionate about storytelling through photography and design.


Channing Reid

Exec Producer/Reporter - ZU TV

Channing is earning a B.A in Journalism with a news & storytelling concentration. He is from Scottsdale, AZ and continues to spend some of his time there. Throughout his academic and freelance work, Channing has reporting, writing, and weather forecasting experience. In addition to his love for the news, Channing shares a deep interest in the arts. His hobbies include singing, acting, dancing, cooking, and hanging out with friends. Feel free to connect with Channing at


Jesse Friedman

GM & Sports Director - ZU Radio

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Jesse is a senior mathematics major and journalism minor. In addition to being a passionate math teacher and tutor, he's been hosting sports podcasts since the age of 14. Currently, he is the founder and owner of The Rattle, a team of writers that provide top-notch Arizona Diamondbacks analysis and podcasts without the paywall. Through his brand as a Diamondbacks analyst, he has appeared as a special guest on numerous podcasts and radio shows. Jesse plans to continue his career as a broadcaster and storyteller after graduating next May.


Brendan Fretwell

Sports Editor - ZU News

Brendan is a junior majoring in sports journalism and minoring in communications studies. Beyond writing for ZU Media, he is also a lead contributor for and hosts a weekly NHL podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes called Dry Ice.


Jasmine Campos

Opinion Editor - ZU News

Jasmine is a sophomore triple major in Political Science, Journalism, and Honors Humanities at Azusa Pacific University. Originally from Torrance, California, Jasmine aspires to use her political knowledge and background in journalism to continue to provide insight into differing points of view in our divisive political climate. Any time she gets a free moment you can find her catching up on the latest political news or binge watching Friends.


Ruby McAuliffe

Managing Editor - ZU Magazine

Ruby is a senior journalism major and public relations minor at APU. She's currently the managing editor of ZU Magazine and previously served as the copy editor of ZU News. Her written work has appeared in Teen Vogue, ZU Magazine, and ZU News. Ruby has also crafted various video and audio packages, digital design spreads, public relations campaigns and materials, and more. Ruby also has a passion for advocacy, traveling, concert-going, and Taylor Swift. Feel free to reach Ruby at


Carli Ricker

Producer - ZU TV

Carli is currently a senior sports journalism major and public relations minor. She’s a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan and loves hockey for someone who can’t really skate. Her goal before graduation is to find the best burrito place in California.


Anna Savchenko

Lifestyle Editor - ZU News

Anna is a senior journalism major and English minor. In addition to her passion for writing, she is a member of APU's women's tennis team. Anna moved to the U.S. from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus to complete her undergraduate studies at the age of 17. Although she was born and raised on the island, her parents are originally from Kiev, Ukraine. Anna has several years of journalistic experience, including interning for Capital TV in Cyprus.


Brenda Covarrubias

News Editor - ZU News

Brenda is a senior journalism major with a concentration in news and storytelling. Her main interests lie with people and the ordeals that impact their lives. While she believes the news should inform, she also believes it should properly reflect communities of people, their interests and their worries. If readers have any questions about a story or are interested in having an article written, they may reach out to her at


Candelario Plascencia

Asst GM - ZU Radio

Candelario (or Candy) Plascencia is a sophomore majoring in journalism with a minor in public relations. He is from Indio, California. With a passion for reporting, he one day hopes to write for a gaming magazine. He likes exploring donut shops, drinking boba, and watching Hulu.


Jordan Green

Assistant Sports Editor

Jordan is a journalism major with a concentration in sports. Along with writing for ZUMedia, Jordan is also a sports contributor for the Monrovia Weekly, and he continues to work on his own personal blog which is called Sports Talk with Jay.