If interested in advertising with any of the student media outlets, please contact or


ZU Media reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement if it is determined to be misleading, in bad taste, fraudulent, or otherwise determined unacceptable by the publisher. ZU Media will not accept advertising for alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or certain hygiene products and/or family planning. We do not run political or cause advertisements except for on-campus races.


All new credit accounts will be required to pay in advance until satisfactory credit is established. Tear sheets, proof of publication, and an advertising invoice are sent within five business days of the date of publication. All bills are payable upon presentation and become delinquent after 30 days at which point they are subject to a $50.00 fee. All checks should be made payable according to the instructions on the following pages.


Reservations for advertising space are required by Friday at 3 p.m. the week prior to publication for ZU News. Advertisements that require designing have submission deadline of Friday at 11 a.m. the week prior to publication. For ZU TV and ZU Magazine, please contact


Digital advertisements can be submitted to ZU News and ZU Magazine in the following formats: .TIF, .JPG, .EPS, .AI, .INDD, or .PSD. All files should be sized at 100% of the purchased advertising space listed on the following
pages and 300 dpi. All files should be emailed to


All files that require designing are submitted in a format other than the ones
listed about, or not correctly sized to the advertising space will incur a design fee. In this event, you will be notified of the fee and a description of the problems.


ZU News offer the option to have your advertisement run in color to draw extra attention to it. Color ad space is possible. The extra color charges per advertisement are listed on the following pages. ZU Magazine advertisements, however, are all in color.