Each student in ZU Media creates their own podcast about a topic they are passionate about and produces three (or more) episodes per semester. Podcasts can be found here or by searching on Spotify, Apple Music, or the platform of your choice.

Spring 2023 Podcasts

Show Me the Story with James Chung

Listen to Show Me the Story for gripping tales of life-changing experiences, exploring pivotal moments that define our guests. From raw emotions to transformative lessons, each episode unveils the human experience. Plus, relive heartwarming childhood adventures. Tune in for a concise, moving, and entertaining storytelling journey.

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Jesus is Not the Church with Katie Weber

In Jesus is Not the Church, host Katie Weber discusses how church trauma is more common than we think, and how each experience is entirely unique. Katie explores how personal relationships with God are separate than the church. She discusses church trauma with my guests, along with distinctions between church and Jesus, with ways that church trauma can be overcome, and dives into each guest’s opinion on why and how Jesus is different than the church.

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Biblical Femininity with Natalie Castillo

In this show, host Natalie Castillo examines what biblical femininity is based on what Scripture says. It will discuss what Proverbs 31 says about the attributes and role of a godly woman, and will discuss how college-aged women can practice biblical femininity in practical ways as busy college students. Natalie will share interviews with other women about their perspectives on biblical femininity.

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Collegeando with Jocelyn Brambila

In Collegeando, host Jocelyn Brambila provides first-generation Latino students with tips and advice on how to navigate college.

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Full On Friar with Gissel Lopez

Catch up on the history of and what’s new with the San Diego Padres. Host Gissel Lopez talks all things Padres while also sharing MLB news.

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Rap-pearance with Eli Casillas

Rap-pearance is a podcast discussing the overall history, influence, and appearance of fashion within the rap industry. Separated by decades, the evolution reflects rappers emotion and preference. Check out episodes for in depth insight on the attire.

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Chasing Countries with Emily Guerrero

In Chasing Countries, host Emily Guerrero reflects on her experience studying abroad at Oxford University in the United Kingdom and explores the impact that living in foreign countries can have on the lives of Americans.

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Katching Up With Krissy with Krissy Hetherington

Katching Up With Krissy is a podcast where host Krissy Hetherington shares about her journey as a student-athlete and as someone navigating the sports media industry. As a journalist, her goal with this podcast is to provide a space for other athletes to share their journeys or allow other passionate sports people to share their takes on what’s going on around the world of sports.

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