Some movies that are just so great they need to continue the story.

Sequels contain key parts from the first movies like characters or places. Sequels continue the story and add more characters or more details about characters. They tend to differ with a new storyline and new adventures.                     

Here is a list of five movies that need another installment. If any film company is listening, here are possible directions each sequel could go in. 

The first movie is a rom-com called “You’ve Got Mail” starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. This movie is about a small bookshop owner, Kathleen, who struggles to keep the doors open. Kathleen dislikes the owner of a corporate bookshop Fox Books that opened around the corner. Tom Hanks plays Joe Fox. 

They have an anonymous email chain and the two strangers start to fall for each other. When Joe realizes who the stranger is— his business rival and nemesis Kathleen— he has to decide if he’ll give into his hatred or secret email love for her. 

This is spoiler territory. The movie sort of just ends. Kathleen closes her bookstore and they kiss in a park. It seems that even though she’s fallen in love with Joe, she still lost her first love of her bookstore.

An idea for a sequel is that Kathleen discovers that she loves the little bookshop that she owned and wants to go back to it. She would remember that it is not about the money, but about bringing joy to her community. Joe will learn to see life from not a corporate point of view but rather one that is humble and filled more with love and joy for his community rather than one that is filled with making the most money. He and Kathleen will have their differences and probably fight, but in the end, their relationship will be stronger.

The second movie is “Princess and the Frog” and while Disney tends to make sequels in the form of a show, this would be a really interesting movie to make into a sequel. The film ends with Prince Naveen and Tiana getting married in the Bayou by Mama Odie and moving back to New Orleans to open the restaurant. 

Now, that seems like the typical Disney movie with a happy ending but in real life, there are struggles other than being turned into a frog. An idea for the sequel would be Tiana struggling to be seen as a princess and Naveen understanding life not living as a typical royal. 

Having a film that represents the struggles of understanding each other’s life and adjusting to marriage would be interesting to see. It could show real-life depictions of what sometimes being a couple is.

The next movie is “Princess Bride,” this one is a little controversial since this is such a well-known movie. The movie ends with the main four characters riding into the sunset, the grandfather closing the book and his grandson asking him to read to him the next day. 

A sequel to this would have to stay true to the original movie since it was such an iconic film. It will have the same premise, a grandfather reading to his sick grandson. However, the kid in the original will now be the grandfather.  

It will be reading the same book, some of the original cast has passed away so it will be tricky to do but if it was possible to do a similar cast or something along those lines would be good. Even though some of the original cast are no longer here, it would be sweet if it could honor them in some way and still introduce new characters. 

The fourth movie would be “Brave,” this was a different style of a Disney movie where the princess didn’t end up with a prince. Throughout the whole movie, it is clear to see that Merida is a strong character who relies on herself and intuition to get through, as well as the love from her family. 

Seeing Merida grow further into her strength to protect her family and her kingdom is something that should definitely be instilled in a sequel. There would be another situation where Merida would have to step up to protect the ones she loves and perhaps step into a more prominent role in the kingdom. She would have to learn what it means to be a queen and what it means to be in charge of a massive amount of people.

The last movie is “Jungle Cruise”. The movie is premised on an ancient artifact and a legend. If there were to be a sequel it should also be based around a myth or legend with an artifact that two opposing people are fighting over, of course, there has to be a little sprinkle of magic in there.

The three main characters, Lily (Emily Blunt), McGregor (Jack Whitehall), Frank (Dwayne Johnson) and the leopard sidekick would still need to be in it. A potential idea would be to have them be looking for an artifact from World War I, they core three would be looking for it while on a river in Europe to tie in the first movie with Frank being a skipper. Frank would have a map and be racing a German to find it.

Another idea would be to have the Germans steal something that Frank is trying to recover. In the first movie, there was a playful ghost and that would be a really fun idea to tie into the sequel. At the end of the first film Frank was learning how to drive a car, to tie in the aspect of WWI, he would have to learn how to drive a tank or an airplane or something crazy. The romance between Lily and Frank should keep going and maybe a love interest for McGregor would be interesting. 

These are just a few suggestions and ideas for sequels and whether a sequel for these movies actually happens or not is up to the directors but one can hope.