A look into the impact that Kristin Juszcyzk’s made in the football world with her fashion sense.

Kristin Juszcyzk is the wife of Kyle Juszcyzk, a fullback for the San Francisco 49ers. She recently grew her own fame in the NFL world as a clothing designer. 

It began when Juszcyzk started using her social media presence to show off her “gameday outfits.” Her outfits included handmade pieces that incorporated her husband’s football jersey. After gaining a large following for posting these outfits (she now has over a million followers)  she decided to take it further by beginning her own clothing business, Designs By Kristin.

Designs By Kristin is not your typical clothing brand. Rather than creating a basic clothing line, Juszcyzk reworks pre-owned items to make them more fashionable. 

Juszycyk went viral when she transformed her husband’s jerseys into clothing items more suitable for women. She took it a step further, reworking jerseys into skirts and jackets. Later, her husband was even seen sporting some of her jacket reworks. 

Another unique aspect of Juszycyk’s work is that she hand-stitches every single one of her clothing items. She has also never worn the same item twice; as tedious as it may sound to hand stitch every item, Kristin rebirths a new item for every single game. 

As previously mentioned, Juszycyk’s work has now expanded outside of her gameday outfits. She’s reworked her husband’s jerseys into clothing for himself to wear on game days and one of her most recent customers was Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift was seen wearing a jacket made by Juszycyk. Kristin recently told People Magazine that Taylor did not order from her but she wanted to gift her the jacket. Juszycyk was already working on a jacket for Brittany Mahomes, wife of Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and thus wanted to extend an extra jacket to Taylor Swift. 

Without having any specific measurements, Juszcyzk googled Taylor Swift’s height and estimated her measurements to create the jacket–showcasing Juszcyzk’s talent. 

Juszcyzk was even able to make a custom puffer jacket vest for Gwen Stefani. Gwen Stefani wore the gifted jacket to the most recent Super Bowl. 

Recently, Juszcyzk was able to score a licensing deal with the National Football League which now allows her to stitch their logo onto her clothing items.

As her business continues to grow, Juszcyzk still reminds her audience that it is “an honor and a privilege” to be able to wear her husband’s story. She made this statement about one of the most popular jackets that she made utilizing all of her husband’s jersey numbers from teams he has played on since high school. 

Football merchandise is typically not an area of fashion for most women but Juszcyzk is turning this around. Her social media presence has inspired women all over the internet to attempt to rework their significant others’ jerseys into their own clothing. In doing so, Juszcyzk has opened a new area of fashion for women.