Expanding on her latest book, Prewett speaks about how college students can have stronger relationships with God, friends and themselves.

When season 24 “Bachelor” runner-up, Madison Prewett Troutt, first started her second book, “The Love Everybody Wants”, she had yet to meet her future husband. Although a lot changed for Prewett when she met Grant Troutt, her book’s message of embracing God’s love first remained the same. 

In a conversation with Zu Media, Prewett talked about singleness, rejection, breakups, insecurities and more, adding to the big sister advice her newest book gives.  

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Groening


Morgan Faranov: For most people during seasons of singleness there are a lot of highs and lows. In the section “It’s Game Time,” you discussed a very low point where you called your mom crying, feeling as if God had forgotten about you. What led to this frustrating moment, and being where you are now, what would you tell your past self?

Madsion Prewett: That was a season where I felt like everyone around me was getting married and having babies, and I was just sitting on the sidelines. I just remember continuously asking God “Why is it not my turn yet?” I finally had this moment where I was able to remind myself that the point of the “game” is not to be married, but to know God and to make Him known. Now, I would tell my past self that I wasn’t forgotten and that God was not withholding good from me, he was instead patient with me, strengthening my faith, testing my obedience, purifying and healing my heart, and preparing me for His very best.

Morgan Faranov: In college especially, there are so many things competing for our attention. It’s essential to have an intimate relationship with God in every stage of life, but what is the beauty of being completely fulfilled by Him specifically during the college years?

Madison Prewett: In college, there really are so many things competing for our attention and there’s so much pressure to conform or compromise at every corner. I learned that what I was looking for to make me feel less lonely, more whole and secure, and satisfied was not found in a boyfriend or sorority or GPA – but my heart could only be fulfilled and satisfied by Jesus. Once we realize that, we can grow our faith by prioritizing our time in the Bible, in prayer, and in finding godly community and a local church. Once being consistent in those things, I was able to develop healthy and holy habits to strengthen my faith to stand firm under pressure and temptation.

 Morgan Faranov:  I know this is naive of me to say, but I never really thought that someone on The Bachelor would struggle with insecurities. What do you do whenever you’re wrestling with insecurities?

Madison Prewett: I have 3 steps I like to take when I find myself believing a lie.

  1. Prayer: what do I feel? 
  2. God’s Word: what is the truth? 
  3. Community: what do others say and how can they hold me accountable?

I have learned that my feelings will fail me and so will culture and social media. So instead turning to the One who never fails, is everything. 

Morgan Faranov:What would you say to students struggling with romantic or professional rejection?

Madison Prewett: Sometimes we gain the most by losing what we thought was best. I’ve learned to thank God for the closed doors, broken dreams, and failed relationships, just as much as the open doors and met expectations. Rejection is just redirection to something better—God’s best. Romans 8:38, God will work all things together for the good of those who love Him! 

Morgan Faranov: What are some ways to deal with friendship breakups, as well as the uncertainty of the future?

Madison Prewett: We all crave lifetime relationships. It’s a natural desire to want people to be in our lives forever. That’s why broken or separated friendships and relationships can be so painful. Although we may not always understand why some relationships end, remind yourself: what’s meant for you, will be yours. Be faithful with where you are and trust that God will bring the right people into your life, and move the wrong ones out as long as you stay listening to his voice. And even when it’s hard- If it’s God’s will and best for you, His peace and strength will follow.