The predictable nature of each makes sunshine better than rain

For those of you who are team rain and not a huge fan of sunshine, you’re missing out. Sunshine is the epitome of warmth and happiness, and who wouldn’t want to be happy and warm inside and out? 

Rain takes away the opportunity to go out and use your day wisely. You tend to lock yourself in with a blanket and watch Netflix all day. You could say that sitting around at home and just relaxing is fun but when you want to go out and do something while it’s raining, you don’t have the option to do so. 

Another downside to the rain, if you’re like me, is how hard it is to find outfits for a rainy day, especially when you don’t want your clothes or shoes getting wet. If you don’t own an umbrella, rain boots or a raincoat, you’re going to get soaked. 

When it’s raining and you decide to wear a pair of vans or white shoes, just know that you will most likely get your shoes drenched in water and dirt. Stemming from getting soaked, your chances of getting sick in the rain immediately skyrocket. Who prefers to get sick just by walking outside?

I am from Las Vegas, Nev., where you tend to see sunshine everyday. It’s warm and makes your day better.

The sun gives you the ability to go outside and take in that fresh air and warm feeling. You are able to go to the park, hang out at the pool or enjoy lunch outside. There’s simply so much more  to do when the sun is out. 

Sunshine is welcoming, comfy, and upbringing, which creates community for us. The sun pushes you to go and enjoy life, it doesn’t keep you inside like rain. Having a beautiful day makes you want to take advantage of being outside instead of being stuck at home avoiding getting wet. 

The sun also makes you feel good about yourself. When it is nice outside, you are more encouraged to soak up the fresh air and go for a walk. Obviously, by comparison, the rain does not make you want to exercise. Not only are you being active, but when you are out enjoying the sun, you are also taking in some much needed Vitamin D.  

At APU, you can head over to the park or the Dillon Recreation Center to play some sand volleyball or to catch up with friends during a game of spikeball. You could also head over to the beach and enjoy the sun and get some great pictures taken for your Instagram feed. 

What more could you ask for with sunshine? There is so much to offer when the sun is out and you are missing out if you enjoy the rain more. 

Let’s all start becoming huge fans of sunshine rather than being a lover of rain.