Looking for a new spot to get a fresh meal at an affordable price? Look no further — Plaza Produce is the place to go.

Ever since I moved on campus at the beginning of this school year, I’ve noticed my diet gradually becoming less healthy.

The steady decline began when I started relying on campus eateries for convenient meals on the go. Although this worked for a little bit, the red number depicted in my dining plan projected purchasing power quickly got bigger and bigger.

I needed to start eating at my apartment, but at this point, I was reliant on the efficiency of on-campus dining to fit meals into my schedule. So, to save on dining points and time, I started grabbing meals from the assortment of fast-food restaurants surrounding APU’s campus.

Now, after months of reliance on fast food, frozen meals and on-campus eateries, all I’m craving is a home-cooked meal or at least some semblance of fresh food.

That’s why I’ve started going to Plaza Produce in Glendora.

On the outside, Plaza Produce looks like a local mom and pop market — in part because it is a small grocery store of sorts. However, what really stands out about Plaza Produce is their deli, their selection of pre-made food and their low prices.

My favorite part of Plaza Produce — and the main reason I usually go there — is their deli. While you can order custom sandwiches, Plaza has a variety of sandwich combinations you can order from their menu as well.

My go-to order is their most popular sandwich, the “Suzie Special.” It consists of turkey, avocado, mayo, alfalfa sprouts, tomato and swiss cheese.

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, the lunch combo is the way to go. For just $8.50 you get a half sandwich, a regular drink and a small soup or deli salad. This is a great deal for a fresh meal, considering that my meal at In-n-Out usually costs about the same if not more.

Even if you just want the sandwich, Plaza’s prices are reasonable at $4.99 for a half sandwich and $8.99 for a whole sandwich.

Although I’ve never tried them, Plaza Produce’s other options also seem well priced. They sell hot dinners as well as an assortment of fresh produce and other grocery items in the store.

Located on West Foothill Boulevard near Foster’s Freeze, Plaza produce is only a six-minute drive from APU’s campus or a 1.7-mile walk if you don’t have a car.

The other major thing that stands out about Plaza Produce besides their deli is the service and ambiance the business has cultivated.

Each time I order at Plaza Produce, the clerks are friendly and engaging, going the extra mile to start up a conversation with me. While larger grocery stores have a more cold and rushed feeling to them, going into Plaza produce feels like stopping in at a small town’s neighborhood market.

The ambiance at Plaza Produce is reminiscent of Whole Foods, but on a much smaller scale and with a small business feel.

I highly recommend grabbing a lunch combo to go — and maybe a cookie if you feel like treating yourself — and then eating it outside of the store. The front of the store is lined with umbrella-covered tables that are always occupied by chatting friends and coworkers enjoying their lunch breaks. On a sunny day, it’s the perfect spot to eat a sandwich while catching up with a friend.

Besides the satisfying feeling of eating a fresh meal for a low price, I think the community-centric feeling the market offers is the main reason you should check out Plaza Produce.

It’s rare to find a spot that makes you feel like you’re part of a community while offering healthy food at good prices, and Plaza Produce does all of those things exceptionally.