Once a year coffee shops celebrate National Coffee Day with deals and promotions. Here’s a breakdown of all the best deals and ways to celebrate one of the best food holidays.

This Wednesday is arguably the most magical day of the year (right after Christmas of course). Mark your calendar, set a reminder and five alarms because Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day.

This isn’t just any other day. National Coffee Day is a day of celebrating, whether it’s sipping on a latte or chilling in your favorite coffee shop all afternoon. More importantly though, it is a day to get good deals on coffee and find new favorite spots.

From free coffee and discounted drinks to cool coffee shops, here’s all the coffee deals and experiences near Azusa to look out for.

Deal #1: Free brewed coffee at Starbucks

The coffee giant is celebrating its 50th anniversary on National Coffee Day with its trademark Pikes Place Roast.

When customers bring in a clean and empty reusable cup on Wednesday, they’ll receive a free cup of Pikes Place Roast brewed coffee. This deal will only be available inside Starbucks cafes and reusable cups must be 20 ounces or less.

Starbucks is also the closest coffee shop to campus. Just take a walk across Route 66 on Wednesday and claim your free cup of coffee.

Deal #2: Coffee with food purchase at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Just a few blocks down the road, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has another Coffee Day deal to take advantage of.

With any food or bakery purchase on Wednesday, customers will receive a free regular sized brewed coffee. This isn’t exactly a free cup of coffee, but for a lower price than usual, you can get both food and a drink.

The closest Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to campus is on S. Grand Avenue, just about a mile down the road from East Campus.

Deal #3: Discounted coffee on the McDonald’s app

Coffee might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of McDonald’s, but the fast-food chain is offering a sweet deal that just so happens to overlap with National Coffee Day.

Until Dec. 31, customers can get any size hot or iced coffee for 99 cents when they mobile order through the McDonald’s app.

Coffee shops to check out

Another great way to celebrate national coffee day is to check out independent coffee shops in the area. These shops haven’t publicized any discounts for National Coffee Day yet, but each offers a unique experience to complete your Coffee Day festivities.

Here are some of the best local coffee shops according to APU students:

Mantra Coffee Company

“My favorite coffee shop is Mantra. It’s really homey and the perfect place to get some studying done,” said APU junior Nanette Steenstra.

If you decide to check out Mantra Coffee Company, odds are you’ll see at least five APU students there at any given time. This is probably because of the comforting, cafe ambience Mantra has created and the fact that the shop stays open later than most, closing at 10 p.m. during the week.

The shop is complete with couches and tables, and customers have the option to get their coffee in glasses or mugs if they’re staying for a little while. Students often spend hours doing homework in the living room-esque atmosphere.

Additionally, this Wednesday at 8 p.m. Mantra is hosting an open mic night. Drop by to end your Coffee Day celebrations with a latte and a free show.

Classic Coffee

“I’d go with Classic Coffee because it literally became like a mini Cougar Walk last year when campus was closed,” said APU senior Ashley Cowman. “Also it’s just a nice local, family-run coffee shop.”

If you saw anyone on Zoom last year sitting outside with yellow umbrellas in the background, they were most likely doing classes at Classic Coffee.

Located in Downtown Glendora, Classic Coffee is a favorite among APU students for the community atmosphere. The shop offers a wide variety of drinks and a nice outdoor seating area that feels like a second Cougar Walk.

The Reverse Orangutan

“Reverse Orangutan has really good coffee,” said APU senior Justin Watson. “The staff is all really friendly and it has a good vibe.”

Also in Glendora, The Reverse Orangutan is a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop known for the quality of their coffee. Although the shop has limited seating, it offers a modern aesthetic that’s perfect for a solo study trip.

The Reverse Orangutan’s coffee bar is located inside the Union Cowork building on Route 66.

From deals to experiences, National Coffee Day is a great excuse to get off campus and try coffee from somewhere other than Shalom Cafe.