Don’t let the pandemic ruin your Valentine’s Day plans. With or without a boo, take a look at this list of things to do on February 14th.

It is that time of year again, and Cupid is back. Feb. 14 is the day of love, gift-giving, desserts and candy grams. Cute gifts will be given like the humongous teddy bears that will be left to collect dust, the bouquets of flowers that will die in a week or the heart trays of chocolate strawberries that will be devoured in a day. However, it’s the thought that someone would go out of their way to buy something just for you is what makes the day special.  

This Valentine’s Day is different though. We’re all social distancing ourselves to stop the spread of COVID-19, and wondering about how we can celebrate Feb. 14 with our partner or friends. Well, you’re in luck. Here are some fun and COVID-19 safe ideas that could help make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet. 

Rom-com marathon 

One of the best ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, is to have a rom-com marathon. It can take place in the comfort of your home with friends, a partner or over Zoom. Thanks to Zoom’s setting that allows you to share your screen, anyone on a Zoom call with you can watch at the same time but only select platforms allow this amenity. Streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix offer extensions that allow you to watch movies together. 

You can easily find rom-com movies on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max or Amazon Prime. If these streaming services are not available to you, check out Redbox. I suggest you check out the Netflix original  movie “Holidate,” starring Emma Roberts. Her character’s desperate search for a go-to date for the holidays is sure to make you crack up. 

Grab a blanket and get cozy on the couch so you can snuggle with loved ones while watching a movie about love. 

Valentine’s Day picnic 

Aesthetically pleasing picnics have become a trend during the pandemic. What better time to plan one then now? You can plan the perfect picnic at a park, the beach or at one of your favorite sightseeing spots. Arranging a romantic picnic can come from the heart and show off the hard work you’re willing to put in for your loved ones. 

If you’re the creative type, planning a picnic will be a piece of cake. You just need a few items like chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes or a charcuterie board. All of the supplies you need for this picnic can be found at your stores like The Dollar Tree, for decorations, and Target will have your food, drinks and flowers covered. 

Now, if you’re not the creative type, don’t stress. There are people who make picnics for you, especially for these kinds of occasions. You can pay someone to plan and create your Valentine’s picnic. They take all of the stress away.  By staying away from others in your picnic area and keeping it to limited guests, this picnic idea will be cute and COVID-19 safe. 

Build your own bouquet 

If you’re in the Pomona area or near Hugos Flower Shop , they have bouquets that typically cost $30 to $50 dollars. You can also build your own bouquet for just $15 to $20 dollars. This is a fun way to be mesmerized by flowers with your partner. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make someone feel appreciated by giving them a beautiful bouquet. You can spend your time carefully catering a bouquet for your significant other while also being safe and social distancing. Make sure to go early in the morning so you don’t have a run-in with a large crowd. 

Valentine’s Day photoshoot

If you have TikTok or Instagram, you probably have seen a bunch of girls or your own friends having a photoshoot. Join the fun and have your own photoshoot! You can decorate with wallpaper, buy heart-shaped balloons, glitter confetti and use the flowers you buy from Hugos Flower Shop to create a perfect spot for your photoshoot. This can be simple or extravagant, whatever you want it to be, and can be done at home. 

This year, you may not be doing the normal activities you do on Valentine’s day due to the pandemic. However, despite the fact that things may be different with  masks, social distancing and limited amenities; you can still enjoy your time with your friends, family and partner by doing something fun, simple and creative in a COVID-19 safe manner.