With the holiday season in full-swing, here are some songs from recent years to add to the classics.

During this time of the year, Christmas classics such as “All I Want for Christmas is You” and “The Little Drummer Boy” are on constant rotation. Though they are wonderful in their own way, here is a curated list of newer Christmas songs to help add some variety to this holiday season. 

“This Christmas” By 116 ft. Jon Keith, Jaylon Ashuan, Evan and Eris

The 116 collective assembled various Christian artists for their 2018 project “The Gift: A Christmas Compilation. On this track Jon Keith and Jaylon Ashaun trade heart-warming verses about spending time with loved ones accompanied by Evan’s and Eris’ amazing vocals.

“Xmas in the stiX” By nobigdyl

In late November, the Tennessee rapper gifted his fans with a catchy rap for this holiday season. Be sure to check out the music video directed by CINEMADDOX.

“I Need You Christmas” By Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers reuniting is the gift that keeps on giving. With a chorus singing, Seasons change, come and go/But there’s one thing I hope/ You’ll just stay the same/ Cause I need you Christmas,” provides a great source of nostalgia for millennials.

“Christmas Tree Farm” By Taylor Swift

The genreless icon continues to showcase her outstanding repertoire in her latest holiday track. Swift takes you back to a much simpler Christmas with lyrics such as, “In my heart is a Christmas tree farm/ There’s a light in the barn/ We run inside out from the cold/In the town kids are dreamin’ of sleighs/ And they’re warm and they’re safe/ They wake to see a blanket of snow.”

“Chi Town Christmas” By Jeremih & Chance the Rapper

The Chicago natives give a mesmerizing track off of their 2016 mixtape “Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama.” Jeremih and Chance the Rapper’s soulful harmonies are spectacular in this version of “Carol of the Bells.”

“Heaven & Earth” By Leslie Odom Jr.

The decorated singer and actor, provides a song that tells a story of finding hope amidst the vulnerability of our current circumstances. A chorus ringing, “I hold a young mother/ Holding my baby/ holding my hand/Feeling God’s word lately/ feeling God’s word lately/ Amazing I never truly understand/ Oh ’cause I saw an angel and I broke down with no words/Tonight on this Christmas,” provides a powerful message to reflect on this winter.

“Excellent” By Sunday Service Choir 

This song is part of the “Jesus is Born” album released last Christmas day. The talented gospel singers made their message clear on “Excellent.” With the outro proclaiming, “Anybody love that great name/C’mon praise that great name/ That great name saved you/ That great name healed you/ That great name delivered you/ Come on, let’s praise the great name of Jesus/ Hallelujah,” serves as great reminder for what this day is truly about.

“Thank You” By  Pentatonix

The renowned acapella group provided a great original song off their new album, “We Need a Little Christmas. “Thank You” reflecting on the tribulations of this past year have caused us to appreciate the small things like a smile from a loved one.