Ice cream: a summer indulgence. Just imagine the gooey goodness dripping down your hand as the beating sun’s heat melts it, available in any flavor that you can possibly fathom, from sweet strawberry to mint chocolate chip. 

This delicious treat is stocked permanently in most everyone’s freezer during the months of June to September. But where does it go once the weather starts to cool down, and a cup of hot chocolate seems more appealing? 

Despite the dropping temperatures and the need for sweaters, the creamy yumminess of ice cream still calls to us. This is when we find ourselves in our favorite ice cream shops. 

Just recently, a new ice cream shop opened with hopes of becoming one of your favorites. 

The Ice Cream Shop, which features Fosselman’s ice cream, opened in downtown Glendora early in September. Although it is fairly new to the area, Fosselman’s has been churning ice cream for decades. 

Fosselman’s Ice Cream Co. first began indulging taste buds almost a full century ago in 1919. After starting out in Iowa, they opened a shop in Alhambra, Calif. in 1974, which still stands today and remains loved by many fans. 

Celebrating their one hundredth year of existence, the Fosselmans decided to open a shop in Glendora, just a few miles from APU. 

The Ice Cream Shop offers more than 48 flavors, all of which can be made into malts, banana splits, ice cream soda or simply served in a cup. Adding to their list of ways to enjoy their ice cream, Fosselmans has introduced Taco Tuesday which is exclusive to the Glendora location. Every Tuesday, The Ice Cream Shop will ditch the waffle cone, and form the waffle into a taco shell shaped waffle. The inside of the shell will have a layer of chocolate, then it’s up to you to decide what flavors of ice cream you decide to fill it with. 

Along with the wide variety of ways to enjoy their ice cream, The Ice Cream Shop creates a welcoming space to go enjoy some treats with your friends. The shop takes on a black and white aesthetic, while still retaining a 1940s shop vibe. With room to dine-in and an incredibly friendly staff, you’ll feel more than welcome to enjoy your cold treat while getting a cute picture for your social media feed. 

So, is the ice cream worth it? Definitely. They have a wide variety of everything, as well as a cute aesthetic.

But what about the taste? The product you’re actually paying for. 

To be honest, they fell a little flat. After trying five different flavors, I wasn’t impressed. The ice creams weren’t bursting with flavor and didn’t leave me wanting more. To be frank, it reminded me of a generic tub of ice cream you can buy from the grocery store. I wasn’t expecting fireworks in my mouth, but after 100 years of operation, I wasn’t expecting the favorite part of my sundae to be the cherry. 

The shop isn’t very far from APU, only two miles away, so it has a convenience factor. But right across the street from APU we have Afters Ice Cream and Yogurtland, both of which would fulfill any frozen cravings you may be having. I recommend both of these over going the distance to The Ice Cream Shop in Glendora.

However, you might still want to try them out, whether it is for the cute photo opportunity or you really think that 48th flavor will be the game changer. If that’s the case, go on and try them for yourself. For the small price of $3.50 a scoop, it couldn’t hurt to try.