Written by: Tien Thai, Staff Writer

“Carvin’ Out Some Good Times” brings commuter students together to celebrate Halloween with themed food and festivities

October is a month filled with a variety of festivities and activities. On Thursday, October 26, Commuter Life brought the Halloween spirit to campus with the event “Carvin’ Out Some Good Times.”

The event was located inside the Cougar Dome for commuter students on campus. The participants got to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, Moana, and Trolls, enjoy pumpkin spice waffles, carve and decorate pumpkins.

Junior communication studies major and commuter Elizabeth Cunag was excited to participate in the event designed for commuter students.

“I was motivated [to attend] by the opportunity to carve a pumpkin, eat good food and hang out with my friends,” Cunag said.

Cunag was excited that the Halloween spirit was brought to campus through the event.

“I think the event does bring the Halloween spirit to campus, and I think decorating the pumpkin and eating the pumpkin food while watching the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is really doing it for me,” Cunag said.

Senior biology major and Commuter Life Assistant (CLA) Chloe Barrett shared that the purpose of “Carvin’ Out Some Good Times” was for commuters to hang out and celebrate together.

“This event is a commuter hang-out event that is Halloween-themed, so we have a lot of fun things like make your own caramel apples, pumpkin spice waffles, decorate pumpkins,” Barrett said. “It’s just an area where commuters can come hang out and celebrate the festive season.”

Barrett shared that she felt driven to create “Carvin’ Out Some Good Times” because she wanted to have a fun place for commuters to come get some snacks between classes and hang out with their fellow commuters.

“[The event] was to encourage commuters to meet friends, to meet people, to come try new things with us,” senior psychology major and CLA Elana Brito said. “We are Commuter Life Assistants, so you can think of us as RA’s for commuters.”

Brito enjoyed the variety of activities that were provided for the commuters.

“I really enjoy making the pumpkin spice waffles for people, [and I like] giving back to people like me in my community, because I am a commuter as well,” Brito said.

Brito appreciated the theme of the event and believed it was a hit all around.

“I would say it brings the Halloween spirit with Christian faith as well,” Brito said. “We just focus on creating this event for harvest; it’s just a day to celebrate, have fun, decorate pumpkins, meet people.”

“Carvin’ Out Good Times” ended with the pumpkin-decorating contest winner announcement. The winner was Lorena Garcia, who earned a haunted house cookie kit as a prize for winning the contest.