Though finals week is exhausting and stressful, the right study atmosphere and the right study buddies can make it more bearable.

Students were asked on the Facebook page Overheard at APU to share their favorite on and off campus study spaces.

On Campus, many students said their favorite place to study is “Club Lib” (which means studying in Marshburn Library), while others said their favorite place to study is their own home or their friends’ mods.

Off campus, Mantra Coffee received a high approval rating. Classic Coffee in Glendora was another favorite, followed byIMG_4253.jpg Barnes and Noble.


In between classes, West Campus becomes serene and relaxing. This student took advantage of the atmosphere to study near the prayer wall.


Junior business major Jesse Santangelo walks out of Stamps Theological Library to move to one of his favorite study locations to write his paper.


Books and papers pile up for students during dead week and finals week.


A student works on her computer on the corner of Cougar Walk and Wallace Way. This is a convenient place to study since it is located right beside Cornerstone Coffee and the BBQ pit, and Paws ‘N Go and Mexicali are just around the corner.


Mantra Coffee was voted favorite place to study by an overwhelming majority on the Overheard at APU Facebook page. With its #damngoodcoffee and collegiate atmosphere, it has proven to be one of the best off-campus study locations.


Junior Psychology major Justine Fanget sits at Mantra Coffee and works on a Cultural Psychology paper. “Mantra plays some really mellow tunes,” Fanget said.


Students hang out and do homework on Cougar Walk in between the BBQ pit and Cougar Dome.