Not having a car on campus can be a challenging obstacle, but it can also allow students to be creative about ways they can get to and from their destination.

A benefit of not having a car on campus is the opportunity to get more exercise by walking to and from class. Students can make short walks to The Habit, Chipotle and the movie theater in the complex catty-corner from East Campus. Other options include making further treks to Mantra Coffee on San Gabriel Ave., or to Target on Azusa Ave.––both in downtown Azusa.

Junior journalism and graphic design double major Josie Jimenez said one of her favorite spots within walking distance of campus is Mantra Coffee.

“It’s a great place to hang out and do homework, not to mention the great coffee they have,” Jimenez said.

Junior applied exercise science major Marisa Caballero said she has made a routine out of walking to several businesses.

“I walk to the nail salon to get my nails done. It’s nice to relax after a hard week of school,” Caballero said. “I have walked to Donut Man and that was a long walk but it was fun and I will never forget it. I also enjoy walking to the flea market at Citrus College every Sunday.”

Senior liberal studies major Kristie Chan from Hong Kong did not have a car on campus when she was a freshman.

“I was obsessed with the 99 Cents store, since no such thing existed in Hong Kong. Yogurt Land is good and is open late so I walked there a lot too,” Chan said. “It’s also great that there is a movie theater that is in walking distance. I can’t count the amount of movies I’ve watched in that theater.”

When it comes to getting off campus to places that aren’t Metro-accessible, Chan shared a few of her personal tips, noting the ease of access that comes with having friends on campus that do have cars.

“If you are trying to get somewhere, definitely try to make friends with upperclassmen or people who have cars,” Chain saidd. “Make sure you want to be their friend not just because they have a car. No one likes to get used by people. If it comes to desperate measures, there’s always Uber.”

Transportation is much more accessible to students now that two Metro stations opened in Azusa last spring. The Azusa station is located on Azusa Ave. across from Target and the APU/Citrus College station is next to Rosedale behind West Campus. The Metro also offers a shuttle service to and from its station.

Students can ride the Metro anywhere from Azusa to Old Town Pasadena or Union Station, next to downtown LA and Olvera Street. Students can also get off at Union Station and switch to the Red Line or Purple Line to go to elsewhere in LA county, including Hollywood.

Caballero said the Metro is an inexpensive alternative to ride sharing apps, and provides her with freedom to go to LA and Pasadena at her convenience.

“It makes going places so much easier and it’s so much cheaper than taking an Uber or Lyft,” Caballero said. “It also allows me to go visit my brother, which I wasn’t able to do before. I take the Metro to Pasadena a lot because my favorite coffee shop is near Old Town [and] I have taken the Metro to go see concerts and to meet with friends and hang out.”

Other options for activities include campus sponsored outings. Outdoor Adventures and Communiversity host trips to the beach and hiking destinations as get-away options with transportation available.