The excitement of Azusa Pacific’s prom, especially the photo booth, dancing, music, and accompanying friends, made precious memories for many. 

I had never attended a prom, so I had big expectations as I prepared for Campus Life’s dance. The prom was held on Feb. 23 in the Cougar Dome. 

When entering the dance, staff members checked tickets before they let anyone in. After getting my ticket scanned and looking around, the “Just Dance” setup was the first thing that caught my eye. It was placed there for students to enjoy full-time with their friends. The activity became what I considered a chill version of the genuine fun I would be involved in in the main dance hall. 

A considerable dance was held on the basketball court. From outside of the building, I could hear the loud, high-beat music playing inside the court. They had a stage for a DJ with several spotlights attached, flashing various colors and artificial fog to add to the party vibe! The place was packed with a highly energized dancing crowd. 

When I first stepped into the room, it was a unique moment that I never experienced before. Without any thinking, my body suddenly reacted, and I started to dance to the rhythm of the music.  

In the dancing room, I saw familiar faces; some were feeling themselves dancing like King David. The room was filled with flickering lights and artificial fog, accompanied by friends dancing; these three factors created a smooth party ambiance for students to submerge into the environment.

During this event, I met several friends and enjoyed dancing with them. Also, I built new relationships with people through the dance and surprises through a game of pool. 

While I had fun meeting new friends and dancing like a champion in the Cougar Dome, I needed to get my job done. I met with one of the event organizers, Jesse Watson. I asked him what he looked forward to and the event’s purpose.

“We focused on creating a space where anyone can come and loosen, have fun and meaningful experiences that people who would remember years down the life that bonds them with their friends, he explained. 

I also met and interviewed several APU students.

Daniel Medley, a junior majoring in arts, enthusiastically described his highlight of the event. 

“Oh my gosh! It’s the music, my brother! While dancing, I felt like Superman; I felt ecstatic! The drinks and the Just Dance, Just Dance at a Prom? It’s pretty sick! I’ll be honest, that’s my highlight,” he said.

I interviewed three friends I met during the prom whom I danced with. Each one gave the same answer for their favorite highlight. 

Kailee Kobayashi, a freshman majoring in social work, said, “Dancing with all of my friends and getting prepared together to come beautifully to the party was my highlight!”

Kate Timon, a freshman majoring in social work, a bit more descriptive than the two, said she liked that she could dance with people with the same dancing spirit. 

“The highlight of this event would be just getting to dance, feeling like the crowd of people who want to dance and have the same energetic energy as me. This was the best dance party I’ve had in my life!” Timon explained.

Felicity Hanson, a freshman majoring in social work, said, “My highlight for this event is dancing with my friends and preparing together for prom!”

My first prom experience is a memory I will carry throughout my life. The opportunity to create new friendships, have small conversations with students, and dance with friends was a valuable experience I’ll never forget.