With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have you covered with some quick and simple D.I.Y. grams. 

In elementary school, one of my favorite days was Valentine’s Day simply because of our in-class gram exchange. While gram exchanges are uncommon in higher education, that does not mean we cannot show our friends and loved ones some appreciation with some nostalgic D.I.Y. grams. 

My personal favorite gram to make is a heart pouch. The heart pouch is perfect for your best friends as it lets you portray your creativity while also gifting them something small and special. 

The first step in making the heart pouch is cutting two hearts out of construction paper. You want to make sure the hearts are big enough to hold a small gift, whether it’s a piece of jewelry or some candy. 

Once you have your two heart pieces cut out of your favorite construction paper, you want to glue the edges of the hearts together. You simply line the edges of the hearts with a small amount of glue, or you can staple the edges together as well. Be sure to not glue or staple a corner of the hearts together – this corner will serve as the pouch opening. 

Once the glue has completely dried, your gram is ready to be filled with something special. I typically like to fill the heart pouch with my friends’ favorite candies. This easy d.i.y. gram is simple enough to make plenty for all your friends. 

Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Brambila

Another quick and simple D.I.Y. gram is a Valentine’s Day scratcher ticket. For this gram, you will need a piece of construction paper, clear tape and acrylic paint. 

The first step is to cut the construction paper into the shape of a heart. You’ll want to make sure the heart is big enough for three scratcher options. Once the construction paper is ready, grab a marker and draw three equal-sized hearts in a row. Inside the hearts, you can come up with your own scratcher ideas. For example, you can say “One Free Meal,” “One Free Hug,” etc. 

Once you finished your three scratcher options, you want to place a small piece of clear tape over these options. Make sure your tape covers the words you wrote but not the entire heart. Then you grab your favorite color of acrylic paint to paint over the pieces of tape. 

The acrylic paint is essential because it is the easiest way to create the scratcher ticket effect. If you’d like, you may also attach a coin to the ticket so your valentine can have something to scratch the paint off with. 

Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Brambila

These two D.I.Y.. grams are some of my favorites because not only are they quick and simple, but you can also personalize them in any way you would like. This allows for your creativity to flow while also customizing your grams to make them more personable for your valentine. This is an easy way to show how much you care for your loved ones and friends. 

These grams for your family and friends will bring back the nostalgia of an elementary classroom gram exchange while also portraying your appreciation and love for them.