A post-game analysis of Super Bowl LVIII in regards to claims of being scripted or rigged. 

Following a 25-22 victory against the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs have asserted themselves as a dynasty within the 2020s. However, the success from the back-to-back Super Bowl champions has generated speculation among NFL fans in the big game potentially being rigged. 

The leading reason for this theory is none other than the appearance and influence Taylor Swift has had this season. 

“Just like we drew it up” even President Joe Biden wrote on X. 

The lighthearted statement from the POTUS initially meant to poke fun at the speculation yet instead left fans puzzled. 

A “deep-fried” image of Joe Biden with laser eyes is attached to the tweet, reflecting the accomplishment and power he jokes about having for the game. The intentional tease remains to support fans’ beliefs of Super Bowl LVIII being rigged with the President now partaking in the “advised” game.  

The popularity of gambling parlays has increased with the unexpected outcomes and breakthrough play from certain athletes this season as parlays remain relevant in the claim of the NFL in general being rigged. 

A majority of individuals claim for a sport being rigged is the result of a lost bet, this reason tends to be main evidence in the opinion of the Super Bowl being rigged. 

The bets placed among fans have been influenced by past preferences for the Chiefs as the NFL has displayed favoritism before and after the arrival of Taylor Swift. 

“I put $300 on the Chiefs. My buddy bet $3,000, last year he won $10,000,” Jarrett Bell stated in an article. 

The bet reflects the confidence in the fan that the league won’t accept anything but a win for Taylor Swift’s favorite team. With approximately $331,500,000 generated in revenue for the NFL, courtesy of the worldwide pop star, fans refuse to believe that the NFL would suddenly risk revenue dropping drastically because of a loss that would not keep her fans engaged. 

Kansas City’s victory allows more opportunities for the NFL to continue to profit off of Swift as jerseys and championship merch collaborations would most likely be available sooner rather than later. 

APU’s community seems to not rule out the possibility either regarding the big game. 

“If the Super Bowl isn’t rigged then explain why there’s all this backlash,” said freshman biochemistry major Joe Xu.

The reply reveals a combination of dissatisfaction and skepticism within the audience that would be nonexistent if the league had a more clear unbiased reputation. 

“There ain’t no way 49ers up till 3rd, somehow ties at 4th and miraculously Chiefs win OT. As if Taylor Swift isn’t on a big screen and as if her being a part of the Super Bowl brought so much more money. It’s as if Chiefs were supposed to win, America,” said freshman Euna Kim.

Similar to the previous quote, this quote doesn’t hold back from the obvious and effective strategy the NFL has taken as an approach to generate more revenue.Eli

Many other championship games have had a rigged aspect associated with it such as the controversial call from the one yard line back in 2015 and the questionable fumble that cost the Jaguars a Super Bowl appearance in 2018. This year seemed to be on the more obvious side favoring Kansas City due to not only Taylor Swift and the millions of revenue she provides but also Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs being considered “underdogs” this year and winning anyway for the “surprise factor”. If validating proof were to ever be present regarding the league being rigged, the millions of loss in revenue will be detrimental that not even Taylor Swift can save.