As the end of the year approaches so does summer, but the rain continues to pour. 

A few months ago I wrote an article about how students feel about the rain and this is a follow-up since the rain is still gracing Azusa with its presence.

We are almost out for summer and while we expect the hot days to be lining up, the rain seems to be staying. After a few warm days over the last few weeks, this past weekend featured another downpour of rain. This just leaves us conflicted since it is April and we are ticking the days down till we get a well-deserved four-month break, but instead, it just feels like February all over again.

While I am from Oregon and do love the occasional rain, it feels strange that we are inches away from summer and still going back and forth between the rain and the sun. When the rain comes it seems like it’s more of the type of weather to experience in the fall or winter, which just makes the feeling of summer even further away. 

I asked a few Azusa Pacific students about how they are feeling about this weather, especially as the end of the year comes to a close. With finals coming up, does the rain make them feel less motivated?

Rachel Wakelin, a sophomore from Idaho said that this isn’t new territory for her. She is more used to rain and hail during the springtime. She even mentioned that where she is from is expected to snow, so this feels pretty familiar. 

“It really seems like normal spring weather to me… it’s raining more often up there than it is down here,” she explained. 

Kaitlyn Gatt is a junior from right around the corner, in Glendora. The flipping between rain and sun is annoying to her. What also frustrates her is that on the days when it is sunny, she is in class and can’t fully enjoy it. 

“It definitely makes the end of the year feel more like winter than summer which makes it feel like summer is so far away,” Gatt said.

From the Bay area, junior Nate Wright shares his feelings about the change in the weather, “I definitely associate the end of the semester with bright sunny days like today, so even overcast days make it still feel like winter. It still kind of stuns me that it’s already April.”

 The constant rain over that past weekend made it hard for us to process the fact that it was April, it felt like a colder month rather than almost summer. 

It is hard to think that it is April when it is going back and forth between rain and sun. It is almost whiplash going between the hot days to the ones where we need an umbrella. The weather just keeps bringing in allergies and mixed emotions. 

I am ready to have the semester come to a close. And while I will miss my friends, having a break seems nice. However, I forgot what month it was, and the fact that the year is almost over escaped my mind since the weather has been reverting to the winter months.

Fortunately, the forecast says it should be sunny for a little while longer, so soak it up while you can before you get soaked by the rain. As the end of school nears, make sure to take breaks from long hours of studying to spend it outside with your friends.