For those who don’t want to stay on campus during spring break or who can’t go home, here are places you may wish to explore!

Here comes the second semester and the New Year. I hope that in 2024, God blesses your family, that your health stays strong, and that you can see places you’ve never seen before throughout your journey!  

Winter break flew by quickly, but don’t worry, spring break is coming soon and is the perfect opportunity to cross a place off your bucket list. Here’s a list of places that you might want to travel to.


I’m a huge fan of amusement parks! I’ve visited various amusement parks, but Disney World and Disneyland are in a league of their own! Between the scale of these parks, the number of rides, and the photo-ops with your favorite Disney character,  these two places are fun! Tickets to Orlando, Florida, can be costly, but more affordable options exist. 

But if you go to school in California, staying local and going to Disneyland is also fun. If you plan to go to Disneyland during the spring break, the current price is $134 per person for a day (non-California resident). However, if you’re a California resident, purchasing a three-day ticket at Disneyland will cost $75 per person for a day ($225 total for three days). Invite a friend who owns a car to work out your transportation because transportation is costly, and you can buy them gas to work it out!

Joshua Tree

I’ve heard of many students visiting this location during the break, and each told me they had an enjoyable time with the community. Joshua Tree is a national park in California located East of Azusa Pacific University– a two-and-a-half-hour drive. It’s a very rural area, situated in a desert area and filled with mountains, making it a good place for hiking. It’s a beautiful place to rest and recharge while appreciating the nature God has given us! The tickets for this national park are $30 per private vehicle. For further details on the tickets, click this link


If you’re interested in traveling abroad and trying new food, I recommend traveling to Lao or Vietnam! Lao is a country located in mainland Southeast Asia, located below Vietnam. 

Reenae Ponce, a first-year nursing student, said, “Before how humid it is in the summer, Lao is a great place to travel! It is the No. 1 country to eat from chefs like Gordon Ramsay. Taiwan is also excellent if you want a city vibe and beaches to explore with new genres of food evolving and the heart of boba!” 

The cheapest flights to Lao with two carry-on bags included are estimated at $1400-1600 for a round trip. Plane tickets from Lao to Vietnam cost around $240 for a round trip. The prices of both tickets will change as the season changes, so if you’re interested in traveling, I strongly recommend researching to purchase the tickets at a reasonable price! Both places are beautiful for tours, resting, and creating great memories!

Samaná Bay, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is also a well-known destination for spring break. Especially Samaná Baya because January through March in this area is the season of 1500-2000 humpback whales giving birth and nursing for their calves! Also, you can book a boat tour to see the humpback whales this season for a ticket price of $65! The trip lasts three to four hours, during which you can meet humpback whales, listen to their sounds, and enjoy their presence. For further details about the tour, please check out the link provided!