As finals season quickly approaches, the ZU News staff share their favorite sports near campus to indulge in a much-deserved sweet treat.

If you’re like our news staff and spend a lot of time on TikTok, then you’ve probably seen the viral trend of students going out for a “sweet treat” after a study session, a long day of classes or ‘just because!’

So whether you’re a senior, freshman, or even a staff member looking for a late-night cure to those finals season blues, we have you covered. But we can’t help if someone else sees you in your “sweet treat” outfit…yes, that oversized t-shirt and those pajama pants from middle school, you know the outfit.

Anyways, no matter your outfit or the occasion, here is a list of our team’s favorite sweet treats to indulge in around campus: 

Brady Back, Senior

His go-to spot: Chick-fil-A, across from the campus

His order: “Cookies and Cream Milkshake”

“I’m not a huge sweets guy, but there’s nothing better than a cookies n’ cream milkshake from Chick-fil-A. It’s right across the street from campus, not crazy priced and since it’s Chick-fil-A, I can convince myself that it’s somehow healthier than it actually is.”

Kayden Casey, Senior

Her go-to spot: Covina Tasty

Her order: “Milkshakes, there are so many flavor options”

“It’s only about a 5-minute drive from campus which I think is nice. I like soft-serve ice cream and Covina Tasty has a lot of flavor and topping options that you can incorporate. I also like how cheap the ice cream is (a cone is $1, a milkshake $5). My favorite is the milkshake because you can get as many flavors as you want for the price and they have a wide variety. It also has cute artwork on the side of the building. There’s some history to the building and owner as well which means that it has been in the community for a while. My roommates and I found it during COVID-19when it got little to no business, and now that we are in our last year we have seen the business grow so much. It can get pretty busy some nights but the service is always great. They also have vegan options for food and ice cream. Not many places have that yet in the Azusa area which is nice for friends who can’t have dairy!”

Natalie Castillo, Senior

Her go-to spot: Fosselman’s in Alhambra 

Her order: “A scoop of English toffee ice cream and dark chocolate ice cream.”

“I recommend Fosselman’s because it has reasonable prices for high-quality yummy ice cream and old-fashioned candy and sundaes. Also, it is a vintage ice cream parlor that has an old-school atmosphere that is rare to come across now.  It feels like you’re in an ice cream parlor in the 1950’s. The parlor has been open since 1919 and they have a variety of ice cream flavors to choose from along with old-fashioned candy. They are also known for their fudge sundaes and banana splits.”

Krissy Hetherington, Junior

Her go-to spot: Sonic, closest one is in Duarte 

Her order: “Cherry Slush”

“I used to get these all the time when I got off work back in high school but now, I love to take a short break from homework and drive to Sonic with my roommates. We always get slushies or milkshakes (not for me as the somewhat lactose-intolerant of the group) and sit in the drive-in just catching up on life before we return to our studies and homework. It’s not too far from campus, I think it’s like $4, and the sugar is just enough to keep me up for another few hours to do more work.” 

Morgan Faranov, Junior

Her go-to spot: Wendy’s, in Glendora

Her order: “Strawberry Frosty!”

“It’s nostalgic and you can get a mini one for $1 or for free if you get the tag.”

What’s “the tag?”: With a $3 purchase of a Frosty’s tag from Wendy’s you can get a FREE frosty with every order!

Gissel Lopez, Sophomore

Her go-to spot: Donut Man

Her order: “Strawberry donut (when in season) or just a basic chocolate twist”

“The Donut Man isn’t very far from APU and is open 24 hours so whenever you’re craving a donut, it’s great to just be able to go a few miles down our street for a delicious, yet cheap donut. Personally, my favorite is the strawberry donut because you not only get a great donut but strawberries. I feel like strawberries plus donuts are the perfect combination of sweetness without overpowering each other and make up for the dryness in a donut. The strawberry donut, when in season, is $6.25. When that kind of donut is out of season, I like to go with a basic chocolate twist or their Tiger tail, which is basically a twisted donut. The Tiger Tail is $3.15. The Donut Man is not a place where you can go in and sit down, it is a get your donuts and go but their donuts are really good, fluffy, and not too sweet for good prices.”

James Chung, Freshman

His go-to spot: Cruncheese x CoCo Tea Bar

His order: Brown sugar boba

“This shop sells boba cheaply and offers a larger cup than the urban cafe, which attracts me to go more often! Also, it recently opened up, so the inside of the store is very clean”


We hope you enjoy these recommendations and we promise we won’t judge your sweet treat outfits or if you decide to try all of these in one week, we get it. Good luck this Finals season!