Didn’t get the chance to go or just want to relive those moments? The Eras Tour film captures the crazy phenomenon of Taylor Swift.

This past weekend, the movie “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” had its opening weekend. The film, starring Taylor Swift, brings the popular demand of the Eras Tour to millions of theaters world wide. With adult tickets costing $19.89 and a run time of 2 hours and 48 minutes, the question arises if it’s worth all the hype.

With the actual tour itself making an estimate of $780 million within the U.S and Mexico City, there is no doubt that Taylor Swift is in style. With this, it was announced on August 31, that she would be coming to the big screen. 

Just like with the concert, tickets began selling out quickly. In less than three hours of tickets being available to consumers, it broke records with sales, making theaters add more showtimes as they were already sold out. She broke the record of first day sales with $26 million. Even with extending showtimes, that wasn’t enough. Taylor announced on Oct. 11, that she would begin shows a day earlier on Oct. 12. 

As a fan who was able to see her at both Allegiant Stadium and Sofi Stadium, here is my honest review.

The first scene cuts to the famous clock counting down. At the actual concert, the clock does the countdown with the song, You Don’t Own Me byLesley Gore. This is her first tour since being separated from Scooter Braun’s management, so having this song play before was a subtle but brilliant nod to that. I was secretly hoping the movie would start with this again, but I think just having the clock was still perfect. This small detail that many might look over really sets the scene for the tale.

The producers did an amazing job with capturing the opening scene of the concert. I think everyone in that theater could feel the energy through the screen. The anticipation waiting for Taylor to come out while listening to the opening of going through all of her eras felt both nostalgic and just high energy. The film created the same energy as the concert. 

Even if you went to the concert and had front row seats, there was still so much to unpack in this film. Every detail from her dancers, singers, the set to Taylor’s chipped nails was able to be seen. One of my favorite moments captured was the interlude to tolerate it. The short skit sets the scene for the song. You’re able to see both Taylor and her fellow dancer, Raphael Thomas, really portray the emotions of trouble, heartbreak and vulnerability. These key details really show how dedicated Taylor is to her stage presence and offer something new for Swifties to decode.

The one thing that killed me and killed all Swifties just the same was the songs cut from the movie. Unfortunately, many favorites were cut from the film. The songs cut were: The Archer, Cardigan, No Body No Crime, Tis the damn Season, Long Live and Wildest Dreams. Long Live was played at the credits, but it just was not the same. For many Swifites who didn’t get to hear it live, this would have been perfect. 

My guess is that they had to cut some footage so they chose songs without crazy choreography. Swifites used to watch live low quality streams every weekend from swifties who were at the concert just so they wouldn’t miss it. Some Swifties would stay longer to see these songs. I could also see for those who were just interested in seeing what the craze was about, the full three and a half hour concert might have been too much.

The Eras tour film had us holding on to the memories. With everyone singing, trading bracelets and dressing up, the film accurately gave Swifties a first or some, a second chance to experience what has taken on the world by storm. Whether you’re looking to see what all the hype is about for a huge fraction of the price, or just huge Swiftie, this film will make you miss The Eras Tour like the very first night. 

Photo courtesy of Emma O’Dell