It’s the end of October, and many eagerly await the return of the holiday season when Halloween first kicks off! 

Halloween is today! People around my circle of friends have been looking forward to celebrating this holiday season of spooky, dark and skeletonic themes.

Today, we cannot miss out on trick-or-treating with our neighbors. This tradition never gets old, and various ages enjoy it.

For those who need help celebrating Halloween to the fullest but are not a big fan of trick-or-treating, there are still ways to enjoy Halloween wholesomely. 

Costume Party & Group Pictures

Wearing your favorite hero costume or something similar, like a celebrity you’re passionate about, is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween.Wearing a costume representing your desired look is an excellent way to enjoy time with your friends and create unforgettable memories. 

Ian Jin, a first-year nursing student, said, “My costume for Halloween would be Luigi so that I could match my outfit with my little sister.” 

Consider capturing great group pictures that you can reminisce about and show to your children in the future.

Watching Spooky Netflix Movies

Suppose you’re not a big fan of going out during holidays and like to relax at your house during this event. Don’t worry! Here’s an alternative to enjoying Halloween without going out of your house.

With your groups of friends or your family members, you can spend time watching Halloween-themed movies with them.

Minji Kim, a freshman nursing major, said, “I recommend people to watch Coraline because it’s always the go-to movie when it’s Halloween, and it’s creepy but quite interesting to watch with friends or family.” 

Through this activity, you can create closer bonds with your loved ones. Just bring some traditional Halloween treats to share with the people you accompany.

Carve a Pumpkin

Another indoor activity that you can enjoy with your friends or family is carving out a pumpkin!

The steps of enjoying this activity are straightforward. First, purchase a sufficient amount of pumpkins for each participant to have the opportunity to crave. Cut a hole in the back of the pumpkin to scoop out the pumpkin seeds to design your pumpkin. After scooping the seeds, you’re set to design your unique pumpkin.

For further instructions on how to professionally carve your pumpkins, you can follow the steps on this link.

Decorate Your Home

If you are someone who loves design and pays attention to small details, which can make your project lively, then it’s the perfect time to give yourself an excuse to decorate your house! 

However, finding the perfect decorations to beautify your house, especially if you want to create a spooky and haunted vibe, can be time-consuming.

No worries, you don’t have to go wild with yourself and feel pressured to make your house spread the aurora that your house is the spookiest in the neighborhood. 

By buying small decorations, such as a wreath, LED pumpkins for your garden or anything Halloween-themed, you can get into the Halloween spirit.. Decorating is not something to overcomplicate but a feeling to enjoy and appreciate during Halloween.

Bake Halloween-themed Foods

You can never forget holiday-themed treats on the most celebrated day of the year. So, here are some recommendations for Halloween-themed treats:

First, we have the Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

This treat can be quickly baked within 10 minutes, as they are just peanut butter cookies with mini Reese’s peanut butter cups on top of them. 

Secondly, there are treats that are healthy for your body that can be easily made. On this website, nutritionist Carrie Forrest has many ideas for healthy snacks. 

One of Forrest’s suggestions includes spooky fruit slices, including wedging a green apple and turning it into a goofy face. Another option she gives is the “Sweet Potato Jack O’Lanterns,” which consists of snacks made from sweet potatoes shaped like Jack O’Lanterns. Lastly, “Spooky Green Smoothie” is a green smoothie with chocolate-rimmed Halloween-themed glasses. You can be creative with this drink and feature Frankenstein through this glass by using Forrest’s instructions. 

Overall, these activities can be viable options if Halloween usually isn’t your fit.  No matter how you celebrate, I hope every one of you enjoys Halloween without being hurt or injured.