Is Halloween popular among college students or has it faded?

It is October, the Halloween season is around the corner and decorations are being set up in various stores. The costumes are set out on the racks at stores for people to buy. Candy is stocked on the shelves ready to be distributed for the 31st.  But what about college students, do they still celebrate Halloween?

“My family never celebrated Halloween, so I never did. The only thing I did around that time was go to fall festivals,” said Amanda Grier, a sophomore animation major. 

However, Grier did say that she does want to dress up as her favorite character from Marvel, DC or anime. But since she is not used to celebrating, she tends to forget to dress up and plan for it. 

Another perspective came from junior criminal justice major, Jissel Ibarra: “Growing up I didn’t like Halloween because of all the scary stuff. I see Halloween now as an opportunity for the community, friends, and family to get together and have fun.”

According to Ibarra she has always dressed up for Halloween, for example, she has dressed up as a police officer. Not much has changed for Ibarra since high school, just that she likes to be the one passing out candy to the community. 

There are differing opinions among the students, some celebrate it and others do not. The last perspective came from junior liberal studies major, Citlaly Lopez: “ I think Halloween can be both light and fun. It also depends on how people celebrate it and what they decide to participate in.”

According to Lopez, she doesn’t participate or dress up in festivities for Halloween anymore compared to when she was in high school. Lopez doesn’t participate anymore due to being busy whereas, in high school, she had more time. 

For people who celebrate there are various activities to do for Halloween other than trick or treating. Here are some ideas:

  • Going to a fall festival and having treats there such as cider, doughnuts, and caramel apples. 
  • Carving pumpkins with family and friends.
  • Host a game night and throw a costume party.
  • Decorate Halloween-themed cookies and cupcakes
  • Make smores
  • Take a tour of Halloween decorations
  • Have a Halloween movie marathon 
  • Go to a corn maze with friends

It seems through the various responses that not many students celebrate Halloween anymore compared to when they were in elementary school or a teenager. 

With the different opinions, will you be celebrating Halloween or staying in?