There are some different ideas on when is the right time to decorate for Christmas. Is the time after Halloween a good starting point for decorating or is holding off till after Thanksgiving better?

Throughout the months of October to December, 3 holidays come up that many people decorate for. You have Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. The question that stands is, how soon should you start decorating for that holly jolly holiday?

Between Halloween and Christmas there is the window of uncertainty. November is filled with the comfort of fall and getting together with loved ones for Thanksgiving. However, for some it is the beginning of decoratorating for Christmas. 

A writer for website Confused, Jamie Gibbs, shows some stats on what people believe are the ideal times to decorate. “Almost half (41%) of those we spoke to said they put their decorations up between 1 and 10 of december.”

He goes on to explain why some decide to decorate in December. “For those who put their decorations up in December, over 2 in 5 (41%) said they do this because it’s tradition. And almost 2 in 3 (62%) said they feel that December is when the Christmas season officially starts.” 

The great debate has been going on for many years and many leave it to agree to disagree, but others leave it up to tradition with Advent. This is the returning of Christ. 

At Essential living, Interior experters shared to NewsWeek  saying “technically, there’ll be no Christmas police knocking on your door if you decide to decorate early, but tradition does dictate that we all put our decorations up on the first day of Advent. This begins four Sundays before Christmas- which will take place on Sunday 28th November this year.”

Along with tradition many people feel that decorating before Thanksgiving can lead to the potential overshadowing of other holidays. Although Christmas is an important moment to share with your family, so is Thanksgiving. It expresses gratitude for your loved ones and brings people together. 

There is no secret that holidays bring up stress like no other, making the house festive inside and out, and making it seem almost perfect. Whether that holiday be Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Decorations drive it home for the spirit of the event. 

Article, Reviewed, writer Liv Birdsall states “Decorating early also allows us to enjoy the holidays stress-free.” Although the writer brings up a great point that the combination of family arriving, decorating and the anticipation makes a stressful mix; trying to decorate, de-decorate, and then re-decorate seems like a stress of its own. 

My stance, I love the time between Halloween and Christmas. This is the time the rain comes and it gets colder, and blankets seem like the coziest thing. Skipping over this time to go straight into Christmas is overlooking the warm feeling I get. Thanksgiving means so much to me, it’s the first time I get to see my family since getting to college, I get to see my friends, get to see my hometown, and can’t forget the pie. 

The perfect answer to the great debate of when to start decorating is: There is no perfect answer!

Traditions are based on individuals and families. If that means the moment the pumpkins are thrown out is the moment the tree gets put up then go for it. Or if that means you take it holiday by holiday and season by season then go for it. It’s entirely up to you. 

This is something that not everyone will agree on, but something we can agree on is holidays are meant to be spent with the people you love the most. Decorate when you want but do it with those you love.