APU used to hold a dance called Les Femmes, which was an opportunity for girls to ask guys to a dance. Now, the question is whether or not the dance should be added back into APU’s school events calendar.  

In the years that Les Femmes took place, it raised some controversy amongst students at Azusa Pacific University, who argued that the dance fed into APU’s “marriage-obsessed culture.” However, current students say that it could be a fun event to attend with a friend or a crush. I too believe that the Sadie Hawkins dance could be a great way for students to enjoy themselves and meet new people. 

Junior journalism major Luke Perez expressed that the event could be exciting and would not necessarily add pressure for people to define the status of their relationship. “It would be a fun event for a guy and a girl who are friends to attend the dance together,” Perez said.

I agree that students shouldn’t feel the need to determine the state of their relationship with someone in one night. Instead, it should be about cultivating a deeper and more meaningful friendship or relationship with the person you’re going with. That’s why several students perceive the dance to be a night to make memories and a great way to take a break from studying. 

In addition, junior music major Nyomi Zinga said, “It would be fun to flip the roles and have the girls ask the guys.” She added that Les Femmes gives the girls an upper-hand because they get to choose who they want to take to the dance. 

I second that it’s a refreshing experience to switch the roles since at most high school or college dances, the boys ask the girls. The Sadie Hawkins dance could put a new spin on what college dances could look like in the future.

Senior social work major Heidy Vaughan felt the event should be viewed as something light-hearted and as an opportunity for students to make friends. “It’s a good chance for freshmen to meet other people,” Vaughan said.

Furthermore, students, including myself, think that Les Femmes should be incorporated back into APU’s list of school events but under a few conditions. First, Sadie Hawkins should be an inexpensive event because high price tickets may dissuade some students from attending. 

Also, APU students should be allowed to invite friends from outside of the school, since this would give the girls more options for who they could bring to the dance.

Finally, the Les Femmes should be an event that the APU community can enjoy. The dance doesn’t have to pressure people to go with someone they’re crushing on, but rather they can go with a good friend instead. Either way, most students don’t feel like Sadie Hawkins will force people to get into relationships. Instead, they think it would be a fun way for students to let loose and have a good night. 

If I still haven’t convinced you that APU should bring the dance back, check out the Les Femmes video from 2013.