c61eb4a6-1dbc-4ab1-915a-63b564bc9d79.jpgLes Femmes, APU’s version of the classic Sadie Hawkins dance, is the yearly opportunity for role reversal.

The problem with events such as Les Femmes is that they place an underlying burden on people to seek out dates in an environment that is already relationship- and marriage-conscious. Several males on campus who are simply looking for friendships are cautious of the females they agree to spend time with to avoid the awkward DTR (define the relationship) to follow.

All too often, students treat events such as Les Femmes much more seriously than they should. Expectations of courtship associated with the dance are always a risk and seem to be unique to Christian universities.

“Everyone likes to get dressed up and go out and have a good time. They care about their outfits and what they look like,” said junior business administration major and Alosta Place Resident Adviser Garrett Bauer. “On the other hand, you want to go out with someone you have interest with and it could lead to a relationship. Not that it encourages relationships, but it could lead to one if you have a fun date.”

In a marriage and “ring by spring” culture, it is important to keep perspective and realize our community is rather unique. Most communities are not as obsessed with getting hitched ASAP.

Junior marketing major Garrett Steward has a different perspective on the girls-ask-guys dance.

“It provides a safe alternative for APU students to have fun on a Saturday night,” Steward said.

Although events such as these send an obvious message in an already marriage-obsessed culture, several students choose to rise above and keep a level-headed perspective. This is encouraging, as not every single person on campus wishes to be engaged by next spring, maintain the traditional gender roles or even be in a serious relationship at such a young and exciting time in life.

There is no problem with romantic, marriage-bound relationships, but they are also not the highest calling a college student may have. Events like Les Femmes should be lighthearted and fun; they shouldn’t add to the pressure several people already feel about getting into unnecessary relationships.

Live life at a balanced and natural pace, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t worry about finding Mr. or Ms. Right just yet the time will come.