What fashion styles are in for the fall season?

The fall season is just around the corner. Soon, pumpkin spice flavored everything will be sold in stores, and people will flock to buy pumpkin lattes from their local coffee shop. Along with these new coffee flavors comes new fashion trends for the fall.

Fall fashion trends and new styles are coming in full swing for women and men. 

For women, they can keep warm in style with skirts, stockings and turtlenecks. Stockings can be used for a wide range of outfits. They can be paired with any skirt, dress or boots, creating a classy warm assemble for the chilly weather. Using turtle necks with a skirt and stockings creates a classic look that will never go out of style.

The color that is in for the fall season is red. It’ll make any outfit pop with color and creates an elegant look. Red immediately turns any bland outfit into one that looks put together.

And red isn’t confined to just clothes, but can also be used in makeup such as red lipstick. (Which is my personal favorite way to make an outfit stand out.) 

Another trend that’s in style this fall for women and men are sweaters. Sweaters come in various colors and designs and are warm and perfect for autumn. An oversized knit sweater isa popular style that is used with leggings. 

For men, the colors that will be in full swing for fall are burgundy, indigo and gray. Men can wear a neutral color with a warm color over it. For example, a mustard shirt over a gray tee.

A unique color that is in for men for the fall that hasn’t been before is cadbury purple. Cadbury purple has been recently seen frequently on the runway for Fendi. Although purple can be a tricky color to wear, men can wear a purple shirt or a purple jacket with black pants to complete the outfit.

Chino pants are going to be trending for men this autumn as well.  Chino pants are slightly baggy. Not only are they baggy but they are very comfortable and come in an array of colors such as khaki, navy, green or black. They can be paired with almost any kind of sweater or shirt. Using chunky shoes with chino pants like loafers or combat boots will create a polished look. 

Returning to the ladies, sweater dresses will be popular this fall especially in brown, red and pale pink. They come in knit fabric and the curvy hugging styles accentuate your figure.

For ladies as well, the 80s apparel is going to make an appearance this fall with geometric patterns, bold colors and oversized blazers. You might see a few shoulder pads being worn as well. Matching sets will also be popularly used for the brisk weather specifically matching vests and wide legged pants.

Lastly, the style that will be in full swing for men and women during the fall season is business core. This consists of polished tailoring, classic button-downs and strong-shouldered suiting. Pairing a silk shirt with pinstripe pants creates a sharp look for fall. 

With autumn around the corner, what fall fashion trend will you be sporting?