The La La Land Kind Cafe isn’t your typical cafe — besides delicious, picture-perfect matcha, coffee and sweets, the cafe also has the purpose of spreading kindness. 

La La Land has five locations open throughout Texas and two in California. The Grove, known for its high-end shopping and dining, in Los Angeles is where the La La Land in this review is located.

Inside the cafe, the colors are bright, and the primary colors are yellow and white. Besides matcha, coffee, tea, food and sweets. The cafe also sells phone cases, hats and shirts with unique wording, such as “be the person your dog thinks you are” and “it’s a beautiful life.” 

The La La Land Kind Cafe covers all areas, from being well-known for its powerful mission to its unique cups, ambiance and sayings.

Photo courtesy of Alana Perkins

The cafe is a business of kindness and considers itself a place where kindness is a priority. Their goal is to positively impact those who walk in and out of their cafe doors as well as a place where customers sense more joy in their life. 

The cafe has over 6.5 million views on TikTok and over 111.9 million likes for spreading kindness. The cafe became known for its “drive-by-kindness” videos. In these videos, people shout kind comments to strangers walking down the street. 

The cafe also focuses on hiring foster youth, a mission that began after the cafe learned about the number of children aging out of the foster care system. The cafe wanted to take action and initiate a program for foster care youth who need jobs. The program lasts eight weeks, during which many can learn essential life skills. 

On TikTok, many have shared tours of the cafe and their colorful lattes, teas and matches at the Grove location, which opened in 2022. The line for this location is typically long; when I went, it went from the counter to the door. However, the drinks were made in less than ten minutes after ordering. 

Photo courtesy of Alana Perkins

During my visit, I tried two of the cafe’s most popular drinks: the Butterfly matcha latte and Cookies’ n Dream latte. The Butterfly consists of blue butterfly pea flower, organic matcha and milk. The Cookies’ n Dream matcha latte consists of oreo crumble, la la cloud (froth milk), honey, vanilla, organic matcha, and milk. 

Starting with the appearance of the Butterfly matcha latte, this drink is green and blue, with green at the top and blue at the bottom — making it even more exciting to taste. Many say this drink tastes like fruity pebbles, and the menu also promises this taste. It’s not too sweet and stays true to its promise — it has an unforgettable fruity pebbles taste. When ordering this matcha, you can choose what type of milk you prefer: oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, cow milk or soy milk.

Next up is the Cookies’ n Dream latte. You will want to order this drink if you’re a cookies and cream lover like myself. This latte tastes like cookies and cream ice cream. I had the option to add coffee to this drink, and it was the perfect blend of cookies and cream and coffee. 

The la la land cloud is at the top of the drink with oreo crumbles sprinkled over it. When ordering this drink with coffee, I suggest drinking it in a timely manner. After drinking half of it and the rest 30 minutes later, it began to lose its cookie n cream taste and started to taste more like a classic cup of coffee. Customers can also choose which milk they prefer, and I went with oat milk, which was the perfect choice.

Photo courtesy of Alana Perkins

The matches and coffees are around $5 to $6, depending on the drink size while the teas are $4 to $9. They also offer everything from hazelnut toast to butter & jam toast, with prices ranging between $4 to $7. The house-made flavors to add to your drink are seventy-five cents for vanilla, caramel, cacao, lavender, cardamom, honey or maple. 

Overall, I recommend this cafe. Not only will you support an important mission, but you can also enjoy delicious drinks and food and take colorful pictures for your social media! More information on  La La Land Kind Cafe can be found on their website