After watching the pilot, I don’t think it’s worth watching the whole season.

Netflix has come out with a new series called “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.” It’s currently number seven on Netflix’s trending list. The show introduces multiple couples that don’t know each other. The only thing they have in common is each couple has been given an ultimatum by their partner.

No matter what your position is on whether ultimatums work, the ultimatums are what give the plot its drama. Since each couple is facing an ultimatum and one cannot decide, the show has the couples date one another to decide if they really want to marry each other.

I personally don’t understand this method, but I can give credit to the producers for coming up with this type of challenge. The drama of couples breaking up and coming back together is intriguing and fun to watch.

However, because the concept is so strange, the actual content has raised a lot of questions for viewers—myself included. Every time a couple was introduced to viewers, you were given how long they have been together, what their argument is and which half is not ready to commit.

The first thing I noticed was that a lot of these couples have been together for almost two years. Maybe it’s just me but to only be dating for two years and asking for marriage is a lot. To pose the question, marry me or break up after one and half years of dating is a lot to ask someone. I don’t blame some people for not accepting the ultimatum at first.

The concept behind the challenge is that if you date other people, “the heart will grow with absence or not.” The reactions of some couples were unexpected. Some seemed eager to date others, while some cried at the thought of potentially breaking up.

Two things struck me about this situation. The first was why some people were so eager to date around. While the original couples are technically broken up, it still does feel wrong to date another in the same arena as you. One guy seemed so excited to date around, and it gave the impression that this was the reason he said no to his girlfriend’s ultimatum. 

My second thought was, “Why are you crying? You were the one that gave the ultimatum!” One girlfriend insisted that going on this tv show was the best thing for her and her boyfriend’s relationship. On their last night together, she cried saying she did not want him to date another girl and maybe leave her. This left me baffled—it was her idea to come on the show! Why go on the show knowing that’s a possibility? 

There are ten episodes in the season. Each episode ranges from thirty-eight minutes to almost an hour. While this is standard for a television show, I don’t think I could push myself to binge watch all ten episodes.  Netflix had the concept, but they missed the mark. 

Here are some ways I think Netflix could have improved the show:

Almost every couple had the same ultimatum. Why not select couples with different ones? Or select some couples who aren’t picture perfect? I think having more diversity in the types of couples could have added more interest. They all were young and attractive couples that just wanted marriage. Watching the si couples who are practically all the same can get boring.

All that said, I will probably skip the remaining episodes and go straight to  the finale because I want to know how it ends. If you are into cheesy television, or looking for a show to make fun of with your friends, I would say go ahead and watch. Overall, “The Ultimatum” is not a terrible show, and may potentially be worth your time.