Whether you’re seeking the warm and fuzzies from a rom-com or are hungry for some good ole’ festive family dysfunction, Netflix has you covered this holiday season.

Well, ladies and gents, the time has finally come. Sweaters can be worn without breaking a sweat (at least some of the time, here in SoCal), the smells of apple spice and fresh balsam weigh thick in the air and every coffee shop or department store you enter is likely blaring a Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé classic. Christmas time is here, which means the elves working away at Netflix to bring us an impressive plethora of Christmas movies finally get to show off their hard work. 

Seeing as it may take you the whole month of December to get through all of the Christmas movies offered on Netflix, I’ve decided to give you an early Christmas gift in the form of my Netflix Christmas Must-Watch List. Though this list consists of my personal opinions, I can guarantee there’s likely at least one festive film on it that you’ll enjoy (even if you tend to be a Scrooge this time of year).

So, without further ado, here are the Netflix Christmas movies that have moved to the top of my nice list (and hopefully will land a spot on yours too):


Starting the list off with a semi-new Christmas rom-com that Netflix released last year, Holidate is the perfect movie for those wanting a solid storyline and a genuinely hilarious time. Starring the iconic Emma Roberts, Kristin Chenoweth and Luke Bracey, the movie takes us through the chaotic, yet adorable, journey of two singles enduring the holidays together as a faux couple. Although, how long can you go pretending to be a couple before some feelings slowly start getting in the way? Equal parts hilarious, heartwarming and charming, this holiday movie is one I’ve watched at least five times already — and we’re not even halfway through December.

The Holiday

I wanted to save this movie for last because it is genuinely my favorite Christmas movie of all time and deserves “the best for last” position, however, I just couldn’t help myself. Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law gracing the same screen for a stunning two hours and sixteen minutes — that itself is a Christmas miracle. 

Combine flawless chemistry between the cast, wonderful writing and the slightest bit of cheesy Christmas comedy to act as the cherry on top, and you have a perfect Christmas movie. You’ll have no choice but to fall in love with the protagonists, you’ll laugh your little heart out and if you’re anything like me, you may just cry your little heart out too. I’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t enjoyed this movie, so if you’re looking for a movie that you know will be a good one, this is 100% the one for you.

A Christmas Prince (3 Part Series)

If you’re prepping for a Christmas break filled with a festive movie binge, this three-part movie series will no doubt take you a solid chunk of time to get through (but if you like a Christmas flick with a Hallmark feel, it’ll be worth it). A Christmas Prince delivers the classic tale of a small-town girl and a celebrity harboring an unexpected love story, but with a bit of a royal twist. However, the story goes far deeper than just boy-meets-girl with an array of well-developed subplots and supporting characters that you grow fond of as you make your way through the movie series. By movie number three, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (oops, spoilers), you feel like you’ve practically made it through two seasons of a TV series with how well you know the characters and the snow-covered world in which they live. 

A Very Murray Christmas

So maybe you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum and don’t have much time to lounge around and soak in maximum Christmas cheer. Well, this iconic fifty-six-minute special brings you a lifetime full of festive fun and energy in under an hour. Featuring Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, George Clooney and of course, Bill Murray (and these are just a few of the celebs that make rock star appearances), this musical comedy directed by the wonderful Sofia Coppola could not be more perfect for a light-hearted night filled with family and friends. Whether you just want to let it play in the background while chatting and catching up with your loved ones or host a full-on dance party to celebrate the animated special, A Very Murray Christmas is sure to bring anyone feeling a little “bah humbug” some much needed Christmas cheer.

Love Hard

Last, but not least, I had to include one of Netflix’s newest releases that you may haven’t heard about yet (though, seeing that it held a spot in Netflix’s top ten for a solid few weeks, chances are you’ve probably at least seen the cover). With the same humor rooted in Holidate, Love Hard delivers a story of a girl losing hope in love in the heat of the holiday season. The protagonist, played by the stunning Vampire Diaries queen herself Nina Dobrev, gives us a peek into her rough online dating life until her luck seems to shift as she meets someone seemingly too good to be true online. So when she flies out of state to surprise him on Christmas and is met with a slightly different version of what she’s expecting, let’s just say chaos ensues. 

Despite the seemingly problematic plot, this movie is actually surprisingly heartfelt. (Despite how undeniably cheesy it is—but what’s a Christmas romance without some cheese, right?) This one isn’t as sincere as The Holiday, but the story will likely leave you with that warm feel-good feeling Netflix does a great job of delivering. 

With a few weeks remaining until Santa Claus makes his rounds, I encourage you to check these Netflix films out this holiday season. Though you may find some of them to be a bit cliché, Christmas is all about embracing the sweet messages of the season with a cup of hot cocoa and the ones you love, and these suggestions will most definitely allow you to do that.