Need a last minute spooky, chic or sporty costume? Chances are everything you need is right in front of you!

We all want the perfect costume come the Halloween season, but planning the ultimate fit isn’t always easy. Time slips away and when friends ask what your costume is, your silent answer screams unprepared. But fear not! Below are some last-minute ideas calling your name. We have developed a list just in the nick of time of simple yet trendy costumes to consider.


Grab a yellow shirt or sweatshirt, a pair of overalls, circle glasses and some black gloves and you’re officially a minion character. This is an excellent costume option for a chilly Halloween night, keeping you both comfy and cute. You can also style this look with a yellow beanie to add an extra pop of yellow. 

Squid Games

Whether you want to be a player risking it all for the money or a guard alert to everyone’s business, this is the perfect individual or group costume. To be a player of the game, you will need a pair of white Vans and a tracksuit, preferably green. As a staff member, you will need white masking tape, a black mask and an all-red outfit. A hoodie and sweats or pants will work perfectly to resemble the guards’ red jumpsuits. Don’t forget to challenge your friends to Red Light, Green Light for some extra fun. 

Edna Mode

Want to be a Disney character who makes superhero costumes for a living? Meet Edna Mode from the hit Disney movie, “The Incredibles.” For this fit, you will need black shoes, leggings or jeans, a black shirt or jacket, a red necklace or scarf and round black glasses. Some choose to wear a black puffer coat to resemble Edna Mode’s funky dress. Pair it with a short black wig to bring the look all together. You’ll be calling your friends “dahling” all night long in this costume. 

Edna Mode Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Where’s Waldo?

You can be the perfect Waldo with only three accessories: a red-and-white striped hat, a shirt and round glasses. Pair these accessories with jeans and you’ll stand out in a crowd for sure…or will you? 

Smarty Pants

This last-minute DIY costume has more to it than meets the eye. Visit your nearest 99 Cents Only Store and pick up a bag of Smarties candy. Throw on a pair of reading glasses, grab a book and glue the Smarties to an old pair of jeans or pants. Do you get it, smarty pants? While its main purpose is to be a costume, it also comes in handy for a mid-party snack break.

Halloween Bat

Got an old umbrella lying around? Don’t throw it out just yet! Cut it in half and use black safety pins or hot glue to attach it to the arms of a black hoodie. Use black electrical tape to fasten the hinges of the umbrella pieces, which will allow you to move the wings for the full bat-like effect. Get creative and cut out foam or cardboard ears as a headpiece to finish the look. 

The Nerd

While being a nerd is a great personality trait, it also makes for a great Halloween costume. Look around your closet and you’ll be surprised to discover that you already have all of the ‘nerdy’ essentials: tennis shoes, knee high socks, high waisted jeans or shorts, a collared shirt and pigtails or sleek gelled-back hair. Go the extra mile and add suspenders to your fit to solidify the cute and classic nerd in you. 


This is another fantastic overalls fit, made to be cute or scary. Pair overalls and a long-sleeve flannel with a straw hat and brown boots, add some face paint and you’re ready to go. For the face, paint two orange circles, one on each cheek, and extend a line out from your lips with red paint. Add some pieces of straw hay poking out of your overalls and pockets to give it a more realistic look.

These last-minute Halloween costumes are the perfect go-to when you’re running out of time and need some help. No matter how simple or extravagant, they all make for a good time. Happy Halloween!