Whether you want to be left quivering under the covers or cackling at some kooky, creepy characters, we’ve surely recommended something just (f)right for you!

Though it feels like we just stepped into October, it’s safe to say the spooky season is flying by with some frightening speed. But before we start gearing up for Turkey Day and inching closer to blasting Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” on the daily (…that can’t just be me), we have to give October all of the attention and love it deserves. 

So, what’s the easiest thing one can do to fill the days leading up to Hallow’s Eve with some festive fun? Sit down and stream some spooky movies. From the creepy cult classics to new thrillers just now hitting streaming services, our BOO-tastic bucket list lets you in on which freaky flicks are worth the watch.

Time to whip up your favorite fall beverage, get comfy with your fuzziest blanket, and watch one of the movies below. Whether your viewing experience ends in fearing you’ll have nightmares for weeks or like you’re a kid again spending time with your favorite friendly ghouls is up to you either way, you’re sure to feel in the spookiest of spirits.


The Conjuring (and The Conjuring 2)

This is for my movie-watchers who are actually looking to feel some fear creep into their bones. If you haven’t seen The Conjuring by now, you’re missing out on one of the best-made horror movies of all time (in my humble opinion). This one will leave you utterly invested and doesn’t disappoint (but you may want to close your eyes for some parts). 

Monster House

Want to experience a warm, fuzzy swarm of spooky nostalgia? This movie’s for you. This classic animated thriller follows a group of friends living out every young child’s dream of encountering an abandoned house. However, when you mess with that house, that dream quickly turns into a nightmare. This one is pleasantly spooky and will make you feel all the excitement of being a kid again — I would recommend to anyone.

What’s New Scooby-Doo?

If you’re needing more than two hours of entertainment or didn’t feel enough nostalgia from Monster House, lucky for you there are three seasons of What’s New Scooby-Doo? to carry you through the spooky season all the way until the 31st. Every episode introduces you to a new mystery to solve and an array of creepy characters to catch, so hop aboard “The Mystery Machine” for a surely spooky time.

Honorable Mentions: Hush, Goosebumps, ParaNorman, the Fear Street collection, The Strangers and It Comes At Night.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Debatably my favorite Halloween movie of all time (and yes, it’s 100% a Halloween movie and not a Christmas one, but that’s another story), this masterpiece by Tim Burton is a must-watch whether you’re 12, 20 or 92. With the coolest animation, characters and a story that you actually want to see to the end, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a must for those really wanting to feel festive.

Hocus Pocus

One of Disney’s most classic Halloween movies of all time, Hocus Pocus introduces us to some of the quirkiest, wittiest witches that the world has ever seen. With the help of an ever-exciting plot and a chatty cat (because who doesn’t love a talking pet, right?) Hocus Pocus will leave you filled with giggles and Halloween cheer.


For our readers who grew up celebrating the Halloween season with Disney Channel Original Movies like I did, you know that Twitches is one of the best spooky movies the TV network has ever made. They’re twins. They’re witches. They’re opposites, yet they complete each other. This movie is a perfect combo of funny, heartfelt, charming and spooky. If you weren’t a Disney Channel kid, you have to give this movie a shot at least once, you won’t regret it. 

Honorable Mentions: Halloweentown, Frankenweenie, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and The Haunted Mansion.


Edward Scissorhands

Starring Johnny Depp in one of his most iconic roles of all time, Edward Scissorhands has remained a popular cult classic since its release in 1990. This movie gives you a little taste of anything you could want, from some freaky Frankenstein vibes to an innocent love story that will leave you going “aweee.” (There’s a reason so many people dress up as Edward and Kim for Halloween every year.) If you haven’t seen this one yet, it’s just something you have to do (it’s the equivalent of never having seen Elf if you’re a Christmas fanatic…just plain wrong).

The Addams Family

Though The Addams Family has existed in many forms throughout the years (ranging from being a stage-adapted musical, hit 1960s TV series and classic 90s film), the version that is currently wildly popular on Hulu follows the eccentric family in an animated comedy that was released in 2019. The Addams Family seemed like they couldn’t get any more bizarre when played by actual people in the 1991 film, but the animation magic in the newest movie makes the characters even kookier than audiences could’ve ever imagined making this movie one that will leave the whole family cracking up.

Only Murders in the Building

Though I’m sure this mini-series will be popular long after Halloween is over, is there really a better way to prepare one for spooky season other than solving a murder mystery? I don’t think so. That’s why this series starring the uber-talented Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short is one you have to binge at your earliest convenience. After someone was murdered in the apartment complex of three true-crime fanatics, they band together and put their amateur sleuth skills to the test. The show is equal parts hilarious, captivating, and mind-blowing, so make sure you pay attention to every detail you’ll thank me later.

Honorable Mentions: Black Swan, Blair Witch, Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, Scream Queens, Child’s Play and You’re Next.

If you’ve made it through this entire list without finding at least one film you think will put you in a festive mood, I guess I’ve failed you (or maybe you’re being a tad too picky). Regardless, I hope you cozy up next to your Halloween decor and give these movies a shot, you’re sure to feel fully prepared for the spookiest day of the year.