I bought delivery breakfast in Philadelphia, PA and it was a glorious experience. 

I’d argue that the best part of the pandemic is being able to mentally justify delivery meals. 

I logged into Postmates, looking for something good, and on the lighter side of Philadelphia cuisine. Philadelphia’s notorious for foods like cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. My local options were quite slim when it came to the “healthy” side of breakfast food. 

Postmates recently added a section called “Black-Owned Business’” and with that knowledge, I ordered from a restaurant called, Callowhill Greens in Philadelphia.

With the pandemic, their hours are much more limited, however, all of their menu items are still available. Postmates describes the section as “Minority-owned restaurants serve some of the finest food in your city.” And they were correct. 

When it comes to delivering food, it’s easy to be unhealthy and enjoy the great tasting food at the moment. It’s even more difficult to have a somewhat balanced meal that doesn’t break the bank. 

If you are traveling through Philadelphia, I’d 10 out of 10 recommend Callowhill Greens for a fresh fast bite to eat. It will leave you with lasting energy and a joyous outlook on life because it left your wallet relatively unscathed. 

Pictured here: Americano, “The Franklin” 16oz smoothie, and the classic bacon-egg-cheese croissant sandwich courtesy of Callowhill Greens.

The restaurant is located just a couple blocks from the Ben Franklin Sculpture, so of course, I had to order, “The Franklin,” smoothie. 

The smoothie was made with acai, blueberry, raspberry, banana, almond milk, and flaxseed. It was ever so light on the palate and left me with lasting energy. The color of the smoothie was lavender, and it made me feel elegant drinking such a lovely color filled with fiber-induced nutrients. 

The “popular” menu on Callowhill Greens (which is known for its vegan cuisine) had a classic bacon, egg and cheese croissant sandwich. It was listed as the most popular item, so I ordered it. I was not disappointed. The bacon egg and cheese sandwich was simple – it was light – despite the high levels of fat and carbs within it.

I’ll admit, It wasn’t the most amazing breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had (that’s reserved for New York City’s great Dekalb Market), but it was charming.

Normally after a hearty breakfast sandwich, I feel bloated and like my senses have been muted. With Callowhall Green’s sandwich, however, I felt classy – a little french even – by the time it was over. 

The breakfast item was light and airy, it left just enough of a pungent punch of grease at the end to remind you that it’s not actually healthy.

May I remind you, these items were very cheap. This is rare in a big city, such as Philadelphia. The sandwich and smoothie only cost 5 dollars each, a little over with tax. 

Photo curtesy of Sarah Sudfeld

To make my order enough for Postmates to deliver, I took a look at their coffee selection. Callowhill Green’s full name is Callowhill Greens Coffee Bar, I thought it was necessary to try this caffeine that they have named themselves after. 

My order was a double espresso Americano. It was still hot upon arrival. I felt so boujee having ordered delivery coffee. For the sake of this column alone, I did so. But for the sake of my sanity in the virtual semester, I might do it again. 

Delivery breakfast is high-end. Normally people skip breakfast, and only pay money towards brunch, maybe even a classy chipotle outing. However, if you dare to experience speedy and fresh breakfast in the city of brotherly love, Callowhill Greens in Philadelphia is for you. 

According to PBS, Benjamin Franklin became the Postmaster for Philadelphia in 1737. I find it ironic that I ordered the smoothie, “The Franklin” through the delivery app, Postmates. But fun puns aside, the taste is what lasted. The taste buds were not disappointed, and neither was I with the price. 

Callowhill Greens is located at 1800 Callowhill st., Philadelphia, PA 19130. Check it out if you come through the city.