On Friday, Azusa Pacific students enjoyed a cultural presentation called Global Expressions. This event allowed international students on campus to share traditions, knowledge and different aspects of their culture through an abundance of food and games.

International Chapel, the American International Mentoring Program and Communiversity collaborated to host the event at the Cougar Dome.

The night commenced with students gathering in the Dome to mingle and partake in organized activities. One of the most popular games tested students’ memory and their ability to remember languages. The game aimed at teaching students how to say “hello” in different languages. They had a minute to remember various greetings before the cards were flipped over and had to match the two greetings.

Food played a significant role in highlighting the unique qualities of the different cultures represented in the evening. As students wandered around the Dome, they were invited to try an array of pastries and breads from the Taiwan-based chain 85℃ Bakery and different styles of boba tea.

After students had their fill of treats and drinks, they were offered the chance to play a group game, which taught them how to count in Mandarin, Korean and Haitian Creole. Once the group game ended, students were invited to sit and enjoy performances that offered insight and knowledge into various countries and cultures.

Performances ranged from songs and dances to demonstrations and magic acts. Highlights from the performances were a Korean R&B song, a Wushu (Chinese Kungfu) demonstration and a song, dance and game from Uganda. All the performances presented students with new traditions and experiences.

Graduate student Eva Sebunya came to the U.S. 18 months ago from Uganda to attend APU. Through her performance at the event, Sebunya taught students a dance, story and song that interwove to create a game she learned as a child.

“I wanted to perform at Global Expressions because it’s like a platform where you can share your culture, your origin, where you’re from and the different aspects and beauty that comes from my continent,” Sebunya said.

Kate Sanchez, a senior public relations major, said she enjoyed the different acts throughout the night.

“It was fantastic to see all these different languages spoken and knowing how many languages exist on this campus,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez said it is important for people to be culturally competent, and the Global Expressions event helped students develop their awareness of the cultural backgrounds and traditions of others.

Students in attendance spent their night learning new languages, experiencing fun activities and socializing with students from all over the world.