Hard working and brave people can accomplish their dreams through their marvelous talents

There are a variety of enjoyable things in life and many people have their own unique areas that they are passionate about.

For me, my biggest passion is the entertainment industry, which has driven me not only to study journalism, but also to acknowledge my favorite T.V. show as America’s Got Talent (AGT).

AGT is the most entertaining T.V. show in the world. This is the show that has discovered many outstanding talents and has given a lot of brave, talented and diligent people opportunities to accomplish their dreams.

I admire the way the judges communicate with the performers, which is very fair, supportive, understanding and honest.

One example of the judges’ sincerity and thoughtfulness towards the contestants is during the second round of the show, Judge Cuts, where the judges have to decide to keep seven contestants out of 20 contestants performing.

This is the hardest round of the show, because a lot of people must conclude their journey on America’s Got Talent.

However, the judges’ sincerity is shown through the way they speak to each contestant, whether they are going to the Live Show or not.

I especially like the way judge Melanie Brown (Mel B) spoke to a contestant from season 11 who broke down because of not being chosen to go on to the Live Show.

Mel B ran to his side to show him comfort and support by saying how great of a performance he did and giving him a big kiss on the cheek. The way the judges speak to each contestant has really moved me. Even though the connection between the judges and the contestants is just temporary, they still show that they care and respect the contestants’ effort and heart for the show.

Throughout all of the years I have watched AGT, the talents they have discovered that have successfully reached the final round of the show are singer/songwriter, magician, ventriloquist and contortionists, which are the talents that I truly enjoying watching.

I admire the fact that regardless of winning the entire show or not, these contestants have always demonstrated their sincere effort and enthusiasm by performing wholeheartedly and stepping up their performances every time they come on stage.

The most inspiring performers on America’s Got Talent are singers Mandy Harvey, Kechi and Angelica Hale, three singers in the competition from season 12.

Despite the tragedies they have gone through in life, they are still persistent to keep going with their dreams and making their way to the Finale.

I was happy that they successfully made it to the final round of the show, because I felt that not just their talents, but their spirit, strength, enthusiasm and courage are the elements that affirm their character as performers and people.

Throughout all of my years watching America’s Got Talent, I can confidently acknowledge that besides the judges, contestants like these three people are what make AGT the best T.V. show in the world.

For instance, Kechi, a performer who auditioned for AGT and made her way through to the finale,  is one of the impactful and inspiring contestants on this show. Prior to her audition on AGT, she went through a plane crash in Nigeria and was one of the two survivors. Despite that, she overcame all of her physical injuries by finding her way into music, which led her to her current success on AGT.

The elements that make Kechi an impact not only on AGT but also to the world, are her strengths and persistent spirit. She did not let her own obstacles keep her away from her dream, but she used her struggles to persevere through it all.

Similarly, Mandy Harvey is another strong and determined contestant on AGT. She has been deaf for 10 years, and it was really difficult for her to do music, which led her to give up for a few years.

However, Mandy did not let her deafness block her from pursuing her dream. She came back to creating music by using muscle memory, tuners and trusting her own pitch. She said on her first audition that she wanted to do more with her life.

Harvey is also a tremendous impact and inspiration on AGT, not only because she earned a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell and went straight to the Live Show, but also because of her persistence.

Another aspect that affirms AGT a show worth watching are the ratings. According to Variety, AGT reached the average of 15.7 millions viewers in each episode during season 12, and AGT went from a 3.1 rating to a 3.4 rating from season 11 to season 12. Variety acknowledged that AGT is still thriving and going to the top.

Overall, AGT is an amazing show. This is the show that inspires me to never give up on my dreams and follow my heart and passions, because all of my hard work will one day pay off.

It also demonstrates the idea of speaking life through encouraging and comforting words, which is shown through the way the judges speak to the contestants.

As the new season of America’s Got Talent approaches, I am so thrilled to see the new talents  and people making their dreams come true.