1. Birkenstocks

These precious footbeds are here for us! It’s pretty likely that you will not be able to go through one day at APU without seeing a pair of Birkenstocks. They are everyone’s favorite whether they are hand-me-downs or bought brand new! For those long treks between campuses or the occasional late-night trip to Paws N’ Go, these iconic sandals are likely the most popular choice of footwear.

  1. Patagonia Quarter Zips

There is no better time than in college to be a trendsetter. With the amount of fuzzy, colorful outerwear worn by college students from Patagonia, I think it’s safe to say that APU has many trendsetters! When the temperatures get chilly or even when the temperatures are in the 80s, the quarter zips have a big presence on campus.

  1. Flannels

Flannels are big everywhere, let’s be real. But what makes them so special to APU? The majority of flannels somehow go well with the brick and black colors of the APU logo. They are comfy and warm for those long three hour lectures in a cold classroom. Also, they are undoubtedly the most common form of apparel for the singers and musicians on the chapel bands and we love it.

  1. Mantra Coffee

Freshmen and transfers at this point may not have been to Mantra, but there is no doubt that they have at least heard of it! Mantra Coffee Company has been a staple in APU student life for several years. Many can reminisce having romantic— leave room for Jesus— dates there or  just a weekly study session! Even with the new Starbucks on East Campus, the hipster off-campus coffee scene will not be coming out of the APU bubble anytime soon.

  1. Hydroflasks

*Cue the loud sound of a Hydroflask falling to the ground*

As hydroflasks have become a necessity for college students, it seems like when someone drops their easy-to-dent, futuristic and trendy water container, APU goes into shock for a hot second because the sound is so jarring to the ear. Not to mention this somehow always seems to occur during chapel, in a quiet classroom or waiting for food in the Den.

  1. Eno Hammocks

Is APU a school, or a campground? Sometimes when the outdoor vibes are just right, you have to take advantage of it and move all your study materials there. APU students know that all too well as these popular hammocks have been seen lounging around in all manner of disarray. If you don’t own one, you’ve most likely seen them around Trinity and Engstrom Halls, by Seven Palms or at your friend’s apartment.

  1. Jon Wallace Stickers

Jon Wallace stickers have been spotted on laptops, water bottles, hydroflasks and the tables and chairs on Cougar Walk. Everyone knows our President and his name! Why are there stickers of his face though? Because we love him and are thankful for his many years leading APU. Why not make stickers?

  1. Fearless Squirrels  

Watch yourselves. No, seriously. APU students are not accustomed to normal squirrels because our “school pets” seem to always get what they want. As many have witnessed, they can jump, they can climb everywhere and they can attack you. What has caused these rodents to be our second mascot and be so daring?!

  1. Abbreviate Everything

Students at APU apparently don’t like to spend time saying the full names of terms or facilities around campus or perhaps the acronyms just sound better and roll off the tongue easier. The reality is that other universities most likely have the same amount of their own abbreviations for things but these ones are specific to APU! How many of these abbreviations can you guess correctly?












Oh, the list goes on!

  1. Trolley Conversations

Lastly, if we didn’t have our trolley system, where would we be (other than walking between both campuses)? Many students can remember their first conversation on the trolley when they were touring APU, making a new friend before class or a simple “hello” turning into a relationship a couple months later. Surprisingly, there are a lot of things to talk about to make a juicy conversation in the average six-minute trip from east campus to west campus. The next time you are sitting next to a person you do not know on the trolley, try speaking up. You never know what could happen from there. Or you could sit back and silently listen for something humorous to post on “Overheard at APU”.