Taco Tuesday: a simple idea with a catchy name that most likely started as a marketing stunt to get more people eating tacos once a week. For me, it is one of my favorite days of the week. Almost every Tuesday I venture out with a group of friends to take a break from school and go in pursuit of the best tacos near Azusa. I would encourage you to take a break and step off campus to celebrate the simple and fun adventure of Taco Tuesday at one of these yummy places:


Guadalupe’s Restaurant

817 W. Gladstone St., Azusa

Guadalupe’s is the most traditional restaurant on this list as it is a sit-down their staff works hard to seat customers quickly and if you are in a real hurry, the bar often has open seating. What makes Guadalupe’s unique from other taco places is that it offers tacos in a soft or hard shell. What I enjoy most about Guadalupe’s is the atmosphere and friendly staff that loves talking to and joking with customers. If you’re looking for a traditional restaurant experience, Guadalupe’s is worth checking out.

Osuna’s Mexican Grill

1311 S. Grand Ave., Glendora

This is my favorite place to celebrate Taco Tuesday. This restaurant is a short drive from APU and their tacos are delicious; not to mention they’re only $1.50 on Tuesdays. To round off your meal at Osuna’s I suggest adding their stellar chips and salsa. At Osuna’s, it’s pretty easy to find open tables as the restaurant gets a steady stream of customers but most people come in just for take-out. Osuna’s is a casual restaurant with a relaxed vibe making it the perfect place for a quick dinner in-between evening study sessions.

Guaco Taco

506 S. Citrus Ave., Azusa

Guaco Taco is another casual restaurant and is the least busy compared to others on this list. However, the overall experience of Guaco Taco can be best described as, well, average. There is certainly nothing wrong with Guaco Taco but there is nothing that makes it stand out either in terms of food, staff, design or atmosphere. One important thing to note about Guaco Taco is their food runs on the smaller side. The food itself is fine, but the portions for both tacos and chips are smaller than they might be at other restaurants. This would be a good place to go if you’re just looking for cheap and quick tacos.

Taco Grill

537 W. Baseline Rd., Glendora

Taco Grill is one of the closest restaurants to APU, making it nice for those busy nights when there is only time for a quick dinner. They also feature a special Taco Tuesday deal: $1 tacos! I’m a big fan of their tacos but they are more street-style, meaning they are smaller in size. Taco Grill definitely has that hole-in-the-wall feel as the restaurant is extremely tiny with only two tables available inside. The staff is friendly and the place seems to be another local favorite.

Cabo Tacos

853 E Rt 66, Glendora

One of the best things about Cabo Tacos, besides its close proximity to both APU and Donut Man, is the specials it offers. There’s a traditional Taco Tuesday price, but if you’re feeling extra hungry, Cabo offers deals where you can add rice and beans for not too much extra, and, of course, there is still free chips and salsa available. The restaurant setup is fairly standard for a taco place but because of the laid-back vibe of the restaurant, it’s a great place to catch up with friends.

While I love tacos as much as the next person, what I have come to realize is what I love most about Taco Tuesday is the chance it gives me to take a break from the business of campus life to be with friends. Having a specific time set aside each week to get together has helped make Tuesdays one of my favorite weekdays. So take advantage of the excuse Taco Tuesday offers to get together with friends and escape from school for a bit.