God watches your every move, so are you tithing like you should?

The average college student pays at least $36,000 or more in tuition at a private university. So, should the Christian college student tithe?

When it comes to college, everyone is different. Some students are on a full or partial academic/athletic scholarship where everything is set up for them financially. While others might be working two or three jobs in addition to receiving financial aid, grants and loans in order to pay for college.

First, one must understand the concept of tithing. What is a tithe used for? Does God even need our tithe? Why should one tithe?

In ancient times, tithing was used to support the priest. Numbers 18:21 states, “Behold, I have given the children of Levi all the tithes in Israel as an inheritance in return for the work which they perform, the work of the tabernacle of meeting.”

This raises the question of whether God needs our tithes. Junior journalism major Nicole Johnson said, “No, God does not need our tithe because he is all-powerful and only wants our tithe because it shows where our hearts are at.”

When it comes to tithing, it all depends on one’s life and financial situation.

I am a student-athlete paying my own way through college, with my main focus being receiving my degree. Yes, I can proudly admit that I receive financial aid and grants to help my financial situation, but even though I am receiving help, I do not have enough money to tithe. Some might think I am being greedy or self-centered, but right now with my financial situation, I am doing all I can to get by day-to-day.

I have had students from a previous school ask me where I wanted to transfer once I finished my community college days. The looks on their faces when I said I wanted to transfer to a private institution were priceless. At the time, I thought nothing of it, but now I realize they were giving me weird looks because of the price of tuition.

What does this have to do with tithing? It is the simple fact of me being young and not being able to balance all of my money well. I sometimes wonder if things would be different if I went to a non-private institution, but college and a good education do not come cheap.

Being a Christian female, I sometimes ask myself, Why should I even tithe? Some students think that since a private institution is already expensive, they should not tithe. When I do get the chance to tithe, I do give all that I can.

“Yes, students should tithe if they are making a steady income,” agreed junior theology major Tiffany Lemky. “Once I had started baby-sitting and making my own money. my mom suggested I should start tithing.”

Overall, how one is raised affects one’s ethical values and beliefs.

Christian students at a young age should learn the benefits of tithing and understand why God wants us to tithe. In the end, we are all seen in God’s eyes as His children regardless of any situation. In some way, shape or form, there are always ways to give back to God and show him our love and appreciation for all that He has done for us.