On Thursday, Nov. 12, APU Dining Services hosted the Chef’s Table event in the President’s Dining Room for the second time this semester.

“I wanted to give students a preview of some of the late fall/winter meals that will be served within the next few weeks and months,” Dining Services’ chef and host of the event Angela Arebalo said.

The event was a chance for members of the APU community to come together to enjoy a wonderful meal and have some interesting dinner table discussions.

“APU Assistant Director of Dining Services James Cacciatore sat at our table and told us about some of the new renovations and additions the Dining Services Department is thinking about adding to campus this summer,” freshman English major Katie Mraz said. “This made me really excited.”

Director of Auxiliary Services Jim Nasipak stated that the focus of the event was for students to meet the people behind the food being served to them on campus, as well as voice any concerns and ideas about Dining Services.

“I always encourage students to participate in the events that we host,” Nasipak said. “It provides an opportunity for students to meet our chefs and senior staff.”

The menu included items usually associated with the holidays, such as pork tenderloin with cranberry sauce.

“My favorite food item at the Chef’s Table last night was the combination of Yukon Gold mashed potatoes with caramelized onions and the roasted brussels sprouts,” Cacciatore said. “I also enjoyed the salad with the ricotta lime vinaigrette.”

The good food and company made the event a big hit for those in attendance and encouraged them to attend any future, similar events.

“I definitely plan on attending the next Chef’s Table!” Mraz exclaimed. “I was surprised there were not more people at the event, because who doesn’t like free food, especially when it is so delicious?”

Cacciatore also encouraged students to attend the events that Dining Services will put on in the future, so they can voice their thoughts and ideas in order to improve their food experience on campus.

For those who did attend this event, Cacciatore hoped they left with more knowledge about what Dining Services does.

“I hope the takeaway for those who attended is that Dining Services is genuinely interested in the each students’ dining experience,” Cacciatore said. “We truly value their input. We are always working on new projects.

As for the rest of the semester, Dining Services will help put on various on-campus events in conjuction with other departments as well as sell some sweet Christmas treats.

“As of now, we are planning a Christmas Basket promotion at Paws ‘N Go,” Cacciatore said. “The gift baskets will be available when students return from Thanksgiving Break, and some will include See’s Candies and Peet’s Coffee items.”

In the near future, Dining Services will provide the food for SGA’s The Table event on Nov. 18, and will also partner with Communiversity for Midnight Breakfast on Sunday, Dec. 13.