On Friday, Nov. 6, Communiversity delivered a night to remember with its first semiformal dance of the year, Les Femmes.

Held annually in the fall, this year’s dance took place at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda with tickets for $20 each. The money from the ticket sales will be used to pay for the event, as well as for future dances.

Les Femmes dates back decades and is one of APU’s most popular dances. With a Sadie-Hawkins influence, Les Femmes is a classy spinoff of the less formal dance popular at middle and high schools.

“This year, we [wanted] to give more opportunities for students who aren’t really into dancing to enjoy their time at the Richard Nixon Library,” said Katie Marian, junior business management major and Campus Life intern for Communiversity.

Students indeed had a wide selection of activities to choose from, such as a professional DJ, a live jazz band in the outdoor garden, a magician, a caricature artist and a photo booth. Inside the venue, students had the choice of complimentary Red Bull, water or lemonade.

Communiversity specifically chose the Nixon Library for the venue’s perks; the location is spacious with many areas for students to explore.

“The inside ballroom, where the main dance floor was, was absolutely stunning, with beautiful chandeliers for the students to dance under,” Marian added. “There [were] also the outdoor gardens, where students could roam around in. The venue as a whole was gorgeous.”

“Les Femmes was definitely a night to remember,” sophomore nursing major Dalia Wilson said. “With great friends and good music, I was able to enjoy every moment of the dance. The DJ [kept] the dance floor lively and upbeat, while the band outside was able to keep the mood pleasant and fun. The location provided a well-rounded atmosphere—it was both elegant and captivating, and my favorite part was dancing in the beautiful ballroom.”

Sophomore allied health major Jeremy Jordan-Irwin also commented on the venue. “The location was perfect,” Jordan-Irwin said. “I felt like it outdid my high school prom. It was just super classy, and my favorite things about it [were] the dance floor and the good atmosphere.”

With more than 1,000 tickets to Les Femmes sold, the night was a success according to students, staff and Communiversity.