NBA legend Kobe Bryant’s first championship ring from 2000 sold at auction for a record-breaking $927,000.

One of the best athletes in the history of professional sports Kobe Bryant had his first championship ring from 2000 auctioned off. Originally intended for his father Joe Bryant to keep, the replica championship ring sold for $927,000 shattering the previous record from fellow legend Bill Russell’s 1957 championship ring which sold for  $705,000 in 2021. 

The ring, one of five successful championship seasons from the late shooting guard, represents the legacy obtained by Bryant throughout 20 seasons in the NBA. Despite being a custom-made ring for Bryant and not affiliated with the team-issued rings, the prized possession was cherished dearly by Bryant. Selling one’s accomplishments in exchange for money more often than not, doesn’t settle well with the individual. 

An incident from 11 years ago in which Bryant’s parents attempted to auction the ring despite Bryant not permitting them has resurged regarding the auction. 

“We regret our actions and statements related to the Kobe Bryant auction memorabilia,

we apologize for any misunderstanding and unintended pain we have caused our son and appreciate the financial support he has provided over the years.” Joe and Pamela Bryant stated

The intention to auction off the ring eventually has been evident since 2013 as Bryant’s passing has given the prized possession more value when eventually auctioned. 

“Obtained directly from the Bryant family, this ring is a true one-of-a-kind, and we can confirm that it is the only championship ring ever given by Kobe to his father,” the auction description stated.

The ring is contained with 14-karat gold with the words: “WORLD CHAMPIONS” “LAKERS” “BRYANT” and “BLING BLING” engraved. 

The sentimentality of this ring is associated with Bryant’s first dose of NBA championship success as the prized possession is linked with the 2000s finals against the Indiana Pacers in a 4-2 series victory.

Following the decision to put the ring up for auction fans were quick to call out Bryant’s parents for the controversial conclusion. 

Comments ranged from calling the act disrespectful to taking jabs at Kobe’s relationship with his parents in his earlier playing days. Nonetheless, the majority of fans argue in Bryant’s favor as keeping the memorabilia is a way to honor and reflect on the success of his life. 

Multiple tweets from fans even display remorse for Bryant for the family issues and controversies the NBA legend has had to deal with in the past from his marriage to his relationship with his parents. 

An influential figure in sports with multiple achievements and accolades such as Kobe Bryant should be cherished and never sold no matter how old and how much is being offered. The legendary career of one of the best basketball players ever will continue to have their legacy shared despite an auction selling one of his most important gems.