Bronny James announced on Instagram that he will be entering the NBA draft and the transfer portal opening options for next season.

Bronny James was a current freshman at the University of Southern California as a basketball player, he is also the first child of NBA superstar Lebron James.

Bronny announced this past Friday that he will enter the NBA draft while maintaining his eligibility for college and the transfer portal. His public announcement that he hopes to get drafted into the NBA while maintaining his eligibility for college basketball excited both sides of the community.

Looking at the comments made on James’ post, many support his decision and root for his decision about his future. However, many others believe that he isn’t prepared and that because of his dad’s fame, his involvement in the NBA is hurried.

I hope these negative comments won’t hinder Bronny’s decision to choose a specific side he wants because the media feels like that isn’t the right direction for him. 

Here’s a report from Fox News that uploaded a conspiracy video about how we might potentially see the Bronny and Lebron duo playing together as a team. The video explains how important Bronny’s decision is because it could potentially lead to Lebron staying in LA, depending on whether Bronny decides to transfer from USC.

Although Bronny hasn’t yet confirmed a decision, opening as many opportunities as possible, it will be interesting for the Lakers fans to look out for the changes that may occur if Bronny decides to leave USC and transfer somewhere. This may influence Lebron’s decision of whether or not to leave the Lakers and join the same team as his son or if Bronny decides to stay in LA and the Lakers recruit Bronny to create the James father-son duo. 

If Bronny transfers, the media shares that he is prominently considering transferring to Duquesne. His decision behind why it’s most likely prominent for him to Duquesne is because last month Duquenese hired Dru Joyce III, a high school teammate of Lebrons and also a close friend of the James family, said CBS News. For further details on Joyce’s hiring, click this link.

One interesting thing to look out for is whether the Lakers would let Lebron leave the team so that he could join his son on the same team or would they recruit Bronny to prevent Lebron, the current star of basketball, from leaving the team and gaining more fandom, as making the James duo is something to look up to in the NBA fandom. 

The duo of the James family was always what basketball fans were interested in dreaming of. I’m one of the people who have long dreamed of this duo happening, and I await some good news of these two players playing on the same team in the future. 

In his freshman year at USC, Bronny James averaged 4.8 points and 2.8 rebounds while playing six of 25 games for the Trojans.