If you don’t know what to put in an Easter basket for a friend, loved one or for yourself, here are some ideas! 

First, let’s begin with a brief history of Easter baskets and why people do them. There are some pagan ties to this tradition which show that spring is a time to celebrate renewal. 

The baskets also have a connection to Eostre who is a Germanic fertility goddess. This goddess would additionally make sure that the harvest was good. To ensure a good harvest, people carried seedlings in baskets as an offering to her—only if she was pleased would the harvest be good. 

The seeds and eggs in baskets that people carried, represented the creation of a new life. As more people started following the life of Christianity they blended this with their customs. Because the baskets were given after Lent, the candy and goodies added to the baskets became a treat following Lent’s fast.

Every Easter basket needs its bare bones, so you need a basket. A simple woven one will do but you can get personalized ones, colorful, felt or plastic ones; It is up to you.  

You need two more basic items for a basket. First is the plastic grass filler. While it’s annoying and gets everywhere, the grass is very cute and aesthetically pleasing. Second, are the plastic eggs that you can put candy or little gifts in. 

Since candy was mentioned, here are some good suggestions that are small enough to put in the eggs. Jelly beans, Reese’s Eggs, Cadbury Cream Eggs, Peeps, Starbursts, Sour Patch (watermelon is the best), Swedish Fish, Laffy Taffy, Chocolate Bunny and really any leftover Valentine’s Day Candy. 

While still on the topic of snacking, some other good ideas are gum, mints, or other favorite snacks of the recipient. A cute coffee mug would also be appreciated especially if it’s filled with hot chocolate, tea or coffee.

Small activities that are also good for Easter Baskets include Legos, Frisbees, Hacky Sacks, adult coloring books, journals and reading books are super adorable. If you are going with the idea of a journal or coloring book add some cute pens or pencils. A deck of cards or a small game is also smart. For games, Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, and Pizza is a really fun one. 

There are many different ways to create Easter baskets. Many Easter Bunnies just stick to the candy, snacks and maybe the occasional activity. Now and then there are more little gifts in there. 

A gift idea is to go the cozy route for a night in. In the basket add a small plush bunny, mini body wash or lotion, a blanket, fuzzy socks and a candle. You can also include chapstick or fun stickers. Have fun with this and make it unique to the person. 

You know the person better than I do, so trust your judgment on what to add. Some people like jewelry, others want more candy, or something more catered to Easter.