JoceJocReleased on Feb. 14th, “Bob Marley: One Love” focuses on the powerful story of the legendary Jamaican reggae musician. While some critics said that the movie is just another basic biopic, the film provides a personal, fascinating and powerful insight about a musician, songwriter and singer who utilized his music for political activism— inspiring people from all walks of life. 

The film explores Marley’s rise to fame, his struggles with poverty and prejudice, his political activism and his enduring legacy as one of the most influential musicians of all time. The film shifts between different points of Bob Marley’s life. It delved into his personal life, including his relationships with his parents, and his internal struggles of feelings of abandonment by his white father. 

This aspect gave the audience perspective on his early childhood struggles raised in a country where the color of his skin was too yellow at times due to having a white father. It also covered his teenage years, including living alone when his mother moved away in hopes of a better future for them. 

The film depicted his family life with his wife and children and lightly delved into the children he had outside of his marriage. I believe that not delving completely into his shortcomings of unfaithfulness was appropriate for the film as it remained truthful without taking away from the film’s overall message. It gave the audience a glimpse of his life on tour and the moments right before his passing. 

These shifts allow us to grasp Bob Marley’s full story without gearing up for his message for the people. While Marley was a pioneer of reggae music, his music featured themes of love, peace and social justice.

This film highlighted his unconditional love for the human race and desire to live in a peaceful world. It not only celebrated Marley’s music and message of peace of love but also shed light on the social and political issues he championed throughout his career. 

While the film was the top-grossing movie on Valentine’s Day, the sales have not met box office predictions. This is why critics are referring to the film as a flop. 

However, the box office failure has been consistent with all new releases this month. The only new film expected to bring back box office sales this month is “Dune: Part Two.” 

Despite not meeting box office predictions, the film showcases the beautiful reality of Bob Marley’s life. It portrays the power of music in times of struggle. In times of division, Bob Marley’s music was able to unite people—reminding them of the importance of love. 

The film was a beautiful tribute to Marley’s message of love and unity through his music which still resonates strongly even 43 years after his death.