Ranking and determining the undisputed best sports venue in the Los Angeles area.

The second largest city in the United States is currently home to nine different professional sports teams dispersed among various leagues. Ranging from indoor and outdoor stadiums and arenas, Los Angeles offers sports fans convenient and reliable resources. From the expanded parking to the innovative game day experiences, the City of Angels is one of the best locations to attend sporting events. 

The numerous venues and organizations representing the city all can be argued to be first-rate sporting events within L.A., each location possesses its own unique way of distinguishing itself from the remainder of other venues.

No. 6: Honda Center 

Located in Anaheim and serving as a home for the Ducks, the venue has a capacity of roughly 18,000 and is occasionally used for other purposes such as concerts and theater performances. 

The arena is your average sports venue with up-to-date features but nowhere near the advancements included in other venues in the city. 

The Honda Center is associated with being more of an entertainment location than for actual sporting events as the atmosphere for entertainment purposes is notorious for being much more energetic than sporting events. One thing to be highlighted is the abundance of palm trees on the property, pertaining to the environment of Los Angeles.


No. 5: Angel Stadium 

Also located in Anaheim, Angel Stadium has been home to the Southern California team since 1966, the second oldest active home to a professional sports team in Los Angeles County and the fourth oldest active ballpark in the majors. 

The first glimpse of the stadium can be distinguished by the ginormous A with a halo surrounding the tip relating to the theme of being Angels that have stood tall since 1979. 

The architecture of the stadium is your typical baseball stadium similar to the Honda Center. A feature exclusive to Angel Stadium is a Disney-esque rock fountain in the left field serving as a pleasant backdrop and adding to the amenities. 


No. 4: BMO Stadium 

The lone soccer team that actually plays in Los Angeles is the relatively new club LAFC. Established in 2014 and introduced to the MLS as an expansion team in 2018 where they have played in BMO Stadium since. 

The stadium holds a capacity of up to 22,000 and has established a manageable following for guests to be intrigued and passionate about games. The recent inauguration of the club is reflected within the stadium as guests have expressed team promotion and merch stands being dispersed throughout the entire stadium. For the most part, the modern architecture and reasonable ticket prices make up for the compact location as fans have expressed their satisfaction with the team’s home venue. 


No. 3: Crypto.com Arena 

The NBA’s Lakers and Clippers both represent Los Angeles as they play home games at the Crypto.com Arena, soon becoming the full-fledged home for the Lakers before the Clippers get their own arena in Inglewood set to open sometime this year. Additionally serving as a home arena to The Los Angeles Kings, the arena is in constant condition to host various events taking place inside. Previously known as the Staples Center, the name change not only reflects a digital era in society but a new era in sports venues as a whole. 

Recently a statue outside the arena of the late Kobe Bryant was unveiled, not only honoring the legacy of one of the most influential icons in sports history but also well as reflecting on 17 of the seasons in Lakers history in which they were dubbed champions.

“This statue may look like Kobe, but really it’s what excellence looks like, What discipline looks like. What commitment looks like,” NBA Hall-of-Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said.

Among the venues located in the city of Los Angeles Crypto Arena possesses historical influence and appeals to fans’ nostalgia. 


No. 2: SoFi Stadium

The Rams and Chargers are another example of two teams playing in the same venue as they share the most advanced stadium in the world: SoFi Stadium.

The ability to hold a capacity of up to 100,000 guests, a double-sided 4K HDR video board and a 2.5-acre outdoor plaza are merely a fraction of what the billion-dollar stadium offers.

The building itself is asymmetrical, so you really have a unique experience at every vantage point,” Managing Director for SoFi Stadium Jason Gannon stated

The views that can be observed from SoFi Stadium reflect the overall aesthetic of Los Angeles as downtown, the beach and the Hollywood sign can all be perceived from the location, leaving fans satisfied with more than enough pictures from their experience..


No. 1: Dodger Stadium

Other than the Lakers, the Dodgers additionally have a historical element associated with the city of Los Angeles as the city hosts two MLB teams with the Angels

Despite being the oldest active sports venue in Los Angeles opening in 1962 it has aged like fine wine as Dodger Stadium is considered to be the best overall stadium for fan experience and a necessity when touring Los Angeles. Although far from technological advancements such as SoFi Stadium and Crypto Arena, the straightforward aesthetic allows fans to focus on the current game and experience a classic baseball game with reasonable parking, above-average cuisine and reasonable prices to support the team. 

“[The] Game atmosphere, compared to Angel Stadium, Dodger Stadium was louder with more energy. Dodger Stadium had a lot of history and the fans had a more passionate feel while watching a ball game,” Blogger David Hong wrote

Out of the nine different sports venues located in Los Angeles, the simple fan experience threshold requirements are met within most of the options. Due to the overall history, tradition and impact on Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium is a place for fans to have the best experience possible in Southern California.