It was a night full of gracious hosts and honorees as they recognized the achievements of the people involved in the Time for Change Foundation

The Time for Change Foundation hosted its 21st Annual Awards Gala this past Friday at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA. This event allowed like-minded people to gather under one roof and celebrate the organizations that helped liberate women and children from homelessness and addiction. 

The organization’s mission is to empower low-income families and individuals through evidence-based programs to help them become self-sufficient. 

Throughout the evening, the energy was high and vibrant as everyone greeted one another with kindness and generosity. There were people from all different walks of life at this event, but every individual shared similar goals: keeping mothers and their children together as they face the system. The guests were there to applaud and support the efforts of the Time for Change Foundation. 

This organization has different operations within its foundation. For example, the Sweet Dreams Foundation helps previously incarcerated women become self-sufficient. Their desire is to keep children and mothers together as they provide shelter and help moms build life skills. 

Photo courtesy of Emily Guerrero

Another organization is the Last House Sober Living Foundation, which provides care for people that are facing addiction. Through the Time for Change Foundation, they create a sense of belonging for individuals that are seeking guidance and ways to reintroduce themselves back into the community. 

As the ceremony continued, they announced the sponsors and honorees of the evening. Some of the sponsors included the Diamond sponsor, Gold sponsors, Stater Bros charities and Amazon. 

Brooke Thomas, the evening’s host, did a wonderful job throughout the night. Thomas is known for being a TV News Anchor on Good Day LA. 

The gala carried on as the guests enjoyed their meals before the awards ceremony began. Once everyone was well-fed, they proceeded by showing a short video that discussed the significance of the foundation. During the video, a woman described her experience as something similar to attending church because the organization poured much love into her. 

Another woman in the video talked about how she wanted to help others break generations of poverty. She understood what it meant to live paycheck to paycheck, and she knew she didn’t want her kids to experience a life like that. 

Photo courtesy of Emily Guerrero

After the video portion of the evening ended, one of the organization’s founders, Kim Carter, came to the podium to give a speech. Throughout her speech, Carter inspired others by saying that it’s not too late for individuals to turn their lives around.  “It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone, you can still come back,” Carter said. She gives all glory to God for everything that she has accomplished through this organization. 

The second half of the ceremony was the portion of the evening where they announced the honorees. Dr. Elizabeth Dowdy, a well-respected woman within the community, received the Ramos Family Spirit of Compassion Award. During her speech, she said that the women and children this organization uplifted were able to “partake in a life they never knew existed.” 

Next, Hilda Kennedy was given the Nancy Varner Angel Award. She was able to take out a 3.1 million grant to help women in need. Kennedy believes that “all things are possible with God” and the best is yet to come for these women and mothers. 

Masha Chernyak accepted the Courageous Philanthropy Award on the behalf of the Latino Community Foundation. They received the award for all the great work they have been doing for this community. This foundation emphasizes that the givers and the receivers are in partnership with one another. Their philanthropy is about the people and “giving others the wings to fly,” Chernyak said. 

Chernyak is an immigrant from Russia, and she understands what it feels like to be an outsider in America. Through this foundation, she wants to create a sense of community for others. “My American dream is to make others feel like they belong in this country,” she said. 

The evening concluded with piano performances and singing entertainment. The guests mingled and celebrated with one another as the night slowed down. 

It was a successful evening for the Time for Change Foundation. As they continue to expand their organization, the hope is for countless more women, children and men to receive support.

Photo courtesy of Emily Guerrero