It’s time that the Grill and the Den add more items to their menu.

Cougars’ Den on east campus and the Grill on west campus are frequently-used dining locations at Azusa Pacific with virtually the same menu.

Naturally, since the Grill is a new part of the new student common area, students have gravitated to it since August. However, the problem remains that the menus at the Grill and the Den lack a variety of different foods for students to choose from. 

In my own experience from dining at both locations, I have noticed a very limited menu. The menu at the Den especially has a restricted number of options to order from while the menu at the Grill has slightly more options. For example, the Grill has Mexican food while the Den does not. The Den does offer smoothies and pizza while the Grill does not, however. 

The entrees at both venues are mainly burgers, sandwiches and chicken tenders. Each entree includes a choice of a side such as fries, fruit or vegetables.

Personally, I think more healthy options should be added to both the Grill and Den menus, such as pasta bowls, protein bowls and wraps. Their menus only have the grilled chicken sandwich and the grilled salmon salad as a healthier option. Otherwise, the majority of the menu consists of fast-food-like items, which are typically greasy, fatty and more processed.

Another great addition to the menu would be protein bowls and more whole foods to choose from.

Protein bowls could include a range of proteins, carbs and fats to choose from. For example the protein bowls could be made vegetarian, vegan or with meat. Some options could be tofu, chicken or fish. The carb options could be quinoa, brown rice or pasta. Other options for the menu could include acai bowls, pasta dishes and sushi. 

After a while, the limited menu becomes boring and repetitive for students, especially those who dorm. Not only would these options provide healthier alternatives for students, they would also give them more variety. These opinions are not mine exclusively — I have seen posts on the APU Now app from students saying they wish more options were available. 

I also asked a few students for their opinion on if the Grill and the Den should modify their menu. “I would love it if the Den and Grill had some kind of pasta! Maybe spaghetti or alfredo!” said Autumn Jessel, a sophomore music major.  

Another student expressed how more items should be added to the Grill and Den menus. “I would like for the Den and the Grill to add acai bowls to their menu,” said David Vargas, a sophomore kinesiology major. 

To echo their statements, hopefully the school will expand their menu in the near future, helping students to accommodate their dietary restrictions and preferences.