As a matter of principle, it is advisable to avoid war at all cost. The Russia/Ukraine war has led to international condemnation against the Kremlin and the U.S., and its allies have continued supplying Ukraine with economic support. Additionally, as the year progressed, the Russian economy has suffered sanctions from the U.S. and its allies. The pressure has led Putin to continue militarily within the soil of Ukraine’s territory. With this in mind, some U.S. politicians are calling to de-escalate tensions against Putin.

For starters, it is especially important to point out that the situation in Ukraine is problematic in the scale of casualties. I want to stress that we should not intervene furthermore with comments that might escalate the war and that might ignite a potential conflict between the US. and Russia in the near future. It is very possible to evade such consequences if our politicians simply keep their comments dormant. They should see what kind of proposal they can offer in congress to ease the tension in the Russia-Ukraine war. 

On March 3, CBS News featured Senator Lindsey Graham’s proposal to take to the international court case of criminal charges against Russia and Putin. He laid out his statements that Russia has violated international law. “Putin needs to be held accountable for the destruction and loss of life happening in Ukraine,” Graham said.

As the above quote from Graham’s statement shows, it seems to me that tensions could arise for the worst. Of course Graham is more focused on directing his threats towards Putin so that pressure can be applied furthermore to the Kremlin. 

I honestly believe that reaching an agreement that involves no war is the best solution for our country here in the U.S. The same consequences of destruction may occur if Putin is pressured by the use of threats of war. 

I believe that the best way to stop Russia from continuing its aggression against Ukraine is to keep on sanctioning its economy. This method will reduce the chances that Russia will have a stable military presence within the region. 

Yes, there are statements that Graham said that are valid such as the ones made on Russia’s economy. This is the most convenient one in my estimation. 

“What I hope will happen here is that the world, not just the American people, will make a case against Putin that’s been made for 20 years. He has jailed opponents in Russia, poisoned people, carpet-bombed Aleppo, Syria and Idlib, and Chechnya and nothing happened. Enough is enough,” Graham said.

I agree with Graham’s proposal of “beating Putin,” but the tone and the way he says things can get out of line in some cases. According to AXIOS, Graham is looking forward to proposing a plan that specifies that Russia is a Sponsored Terrorist Organization. Therefore, they are a threat to the world. 

“We need to do two things quickly, Make Russia a state sponsor of terrorism under U.S. law, which would make it harder for China to give weapons to Russia, and we need to start training Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 now,” Graham said. The second part where Graham says that the US. should train Ukrainian pilots is a bit concerning, in my opinion, because it might open the doors of indirectly starting a war against Russia.

Graham should push the proposals without commenting on them on national TV, and the same should go for any politician, for that matter. I honestly believe that the U.S. and its allies should focus on delivering more economic sanctions against the Kremlin behind the scenes. When the right time comes for various proposals of sanctions to be laid on the table, all officials can disclose information that was laid out in regards to the sanctions against the Kremlin.